Intro ‘Whether motivated by need

Intro ‘Whether motivated by need, wonder or curiosity, discovery has the power to be transformative.’ How accurately does this statement reflect the view of discovery explored in your prescribed text and ONE other related text of your own choosing?

Discovery has the power to be transformative regardless of the motivating factor, doing so by shaping experiences through reconciliation, acceptance and realisation these key ideas are represented in texts ‘Away” by Michael Gow and ‘Lukes Way of Looking’ by Nadia Wheatley we see a variety of motivating factors and challenges that only once overcome transformation can occur.

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Through michael gow’s text Away the audience is shown reconciliation and acceptance of discovery and how it assists in the process of transformation. Protagonist tom initially struggles in his journey to accept his impending death “they want me to think ill be right as rain… they musn’t find out” alluding to his thorough attempts to hide the truth from his parents. A key aspect of toms discovery is the acceptance of his death by overcoming this fear he his able to make self discovery and realise his role of a healer which was foreshadowed previously in the text through the school production of ‘a midsummer night’s dream’ where tom leads as puck ending the show similarly to the end of his life saying “give me your hand…robin shall restore amends”. gow uses irony to reveal that tom’s death paves the way for tom to uncover life’s greater meaning. Tom’s restorative nature is made clear through the development of multiple relationships but gow puts emphasis on tom and corals complex relationship and corals journey to acceptance and discovery. gow makes this evident in ‘strangers by the shore’ a mise-en-abyme or ‘play within a play’ showing the transformation of carol seen in the text in “come with me… into the darkness” and later developing to “im walking im walking in her own voice im walking im walking” touching on how tom has helping coral to metaphorically walk again leading to the acceptance of her past. ‘Strangers on the shore’ shows toms ability to help others and aid others to achieve the transformation they need. In the final scene of the play the audience sees a reading of shakespeare’s ‘king lear’ showing the readers toms new perspective and how he now sees the importance of his final moments allowing him to “crawl unburdened towards death.” toms overall messages shares that accepting, healing and aiding to others helps develop transformation for himself and others. Transformation from discovery contributes to the changing views and perspective of how people see the world.

Discoveries can transform a person by allowing them to see past their clouded judgment and to see what is important. Throughout Away Gow paints Gwen as an individual who places her self worth in materialistic items and experiences, obsessing over the superficial aspects of life “we’ve got a new caravan…everything you could want” insinuating her believe that happiness lying in material prosperity. In spite of this toms impending death opened Gwen’s eyes allowing her to see her heartless mentality about life sympathising and feeling compassion for tom creating a re-evaluation of what she holds most important. Water is used as a motif throughout the text immanent to the beach where they have gone on vacation, the water is symbolic of cleansing and a purifying wiping away of the past “come down to the water. The water is so warm” referring to gwen’s new found warmth and humanity “what do you think of me you must hate me” depicting the realisation and regret of her past actions. Gwen’s discovery of what is important in life created a significant impact on her life transforming her into someone who no longer focuses on things that can be bought but the irreplaceable facet of life. Discovery assists in seeing the broader world.

Picture book lukes way of looking by nadia wheatley and matt ottley explore the ideas of discovering different perspectives. Protagonist luke finds difficulty expressing his creativity without judgment “‘why would you do this boy’ he yelled” demonstrating the restraints authoritative figures like mr barraclough has over his life. An important aspect of luke’s discovery is finding colour in his sepia stained world that currently controls him. Luke’s process of discovery begins when taking an unexpected trip that results in him finding colour. The bright colours found at the gallery contrast his previous life before discovery symbolising the excitement, acceptance and finally finding belonging. Wheatley and ottely use these symbols to depict that instead of luke ignoring and suppressing his feelings he should embrace and celebrate them and be strong in his thoughts unintentionally resulting leading others down the same path. The transformation of luke from a shy timid individual to someone who is enthusiastic in his believes show the power of discovery even if it was not the main objective. Discovery assists transformation based on different motives

Through discussion of acceptance reconciliation and realisation in michael Gow’s away and luke’s way of looking by nadia wheatley and matt ottley the audience can see clear themes of discovery possessing the ability to create transformation in people no matter the motivating factor.