In today’s world

In today’s world, there are many chemicals being released into earth’s atmosphere from many industries which are known to be industrial gases. What are in these industrial gases that is affecting the air we breathe? Industrial gases normally contain carbon-dioxide,carbon-monoxide mono-oxides of nitrogen. Effects of industrial gases are the gases being left by industries which pertain to greenhouse gases that cause global warming. While gases are being left this causes the ozone layer to form depletion (Industrial Gases and Its Effect).
Many may wonder what causes global warming and why is it such a danger to humans and earth? First, there is something known as the greenhouse effect which occurs by an interaction of the sun’s energy with greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, and fluorinated gases in the Earth’s atmosphere. These gases give the ability to trap heat in earth atmosphere which is why the greenhouse occurs (“What Is the Greenhouse Effect?”). According to scientists humans are responsible for 97 percent of the changes in earth’s atmosphere for the past two centuries. For example, burning fossil fuels, deforestation, and population growth are all contributions to humans changing earth’s atmosphere(West, Larry). As for Humans, this can naturally mean our consequences from the greenhouse effect are low temperature. Extreme flooding, snow storms like how we have never seen before and so on. There are many ways to reduce the contribution to the greenhouse effect which contributes to global warming, but many of us today are not informed of the drastic changes our earth is experiencing.