If we keep pulling death from ground

If we keep pulling death from ground, we will reap death from the skies.”
?In today’s world, it is impossible to deny the fact that we all are addicted to usage of fossil fuels. Crude oil, coal, natural gas is usually known as fossil fuels. They have powered up the entire world for many centuries. Mineral fuels are generally well-developed, easy to transport, cheap in price and most important, they are easily accessible. However, they are blight to the mankind. And this is the major reason behind introducing the concept of alternative fuels. The stats show that alternative fuels are a way better option than fossil fuels. The major elements that make alternative fuels better than fossil fuels are environmental concerns, health issues and limited stock of fossil fuels.
?First and foremost, drawback of fossil fuels is regarding environmental concerns like global warming, greenhouse effect, oil spillage and acid rain. Burning of fossil fuels emits carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and many hazardous gases. Carbon dioxide absorbs heat and does not leave troposphere, which gradually increases temperature on earth and causes global warming. On the other hand, we have natural gas as an alternative fuel, which is also a fossil fuel but does not emits carbon dioxide or any other harmful gases. And even it has low particulate content. Not only global warming, but oil spillages and acid rains are also unfavorable for environment. Oil spillages are impossible to clean up and extremely harmful for animals in the ocean. It is also considered as one of the major environmental disasters. Acid rain is after effect of oil spillages. Excessive use of fossil fuels produces large quantity of sulfur and these polluted particles are rich in acid rain which contaminates lake, ponds, river and soil. Whereas alternative fuels are ecofriendly and are not toxic for environment. Hence, fossil fuels are worst for environment.
?Following environmental concerns, health issues are second biggest affair caused by fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide are very hazardous when inhaled, and their main manufactures are mobile sources like vehicle exhaust emissions. Their inhalation can result in respiratory illness and cause Asthma and Emphysema. Majorly, children and senior citizens are victims. Fossil fuels are high in carcinogenic elements and that cause cancer if inhaled. Stats show that over 40000 Americans die each year from illness caused by particulate matter. Diesel emits 62% more NOx than CNG and diesel particulate pollution is responsible for more than 100000 cases of cancer annually. Conversely, biofuels do not emit any harmful substances and they are environment friendly. Even natural gas is already high in octane, so it does not need any carcinogenic elements to add on. Ethanol is a great example of biofuel and E-85, which is combination of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline is economical biofuel. All ford Taurus after 1998 are E-85 compatible. So, these are some reasons to choose alternative fuels over fossil fuels for health issues.
?Over these all demerits of fossil fuels, we should not forget that they are finite in stock and earth is running out of them. It takes millions of years to form fossil fuels, and we have depleted them in around 200 years. Limited stock and more demands create hype up in prices of them. In comparison, alternative fuels are infinite and renewable. Electric cars have now made their place in the market because they are powered up by electric motors and they are rechargeable. Hydrogen fuel is a considerable alternative and ready to take position. Hydrogen fuel is zero emission fuel and can be used to power engines. It is clean source of energy and sustainable as well. And it can even be filled at home. Thus, these are the reasons to start using alternative fuels as early as possible and avoid fossil fuels.
?In conclusion, we can say that it is human tendency to beset on anything until it is found to be harmful. And global warming, greenhouse effect and acid rains are components that affect environment. Health issues like Asthma and cancer are things to worry about. And restricted amount of them as they take millions of years in formation. These are outrageous factors that are destroying earth and making alternative fuels our only reasonable option.