In today’s world Electricity is considered as an integral utility

In today’s world Electricity is considered as an integral utility. We can never ever think of our lives without machines. Thus, electricity plays a vital role in functioning of the society. One of the portable and convenient sources of this electrical energy is a Battery. Battery is the basic yet most powerful part of any device. Thus, a bio battery is an energy storing device that is powered by organic compounds. Bio-Battery generates electricity from renewable fuels providing a sustained, on-demand portable power source. By using enzymes to break down organic compounds, bio-batteries directly receive energy from them. Bio-batteries are alternative energy
devices based on bio-electro catalysis of natural substrates by enzymes or microorganisms. This paper brings out an alternative solution to the conventional batteries which is not only a boon to the environment by being eco-friendly but also it is an end to worries about non-renewable and vanishing sources of energy (Siddiqui and Pathrikar, 2013)