I have long known that I wanted to be involved in healthcare since I had a keen interest in science in school

I have long known that I wanted to be involved in healthcare since I had a keen interest in science in school, the classes in which I most excelled. Belonging to a doctor’s background I never had difficulty learning basic concepts of biology and hence that is when I thought that I had to pursue my future in healthcare. Biology has always had purpose for me precisely because of health care, unlocking the mysteries of life in order to be able to prolong it, to ease human suffering. I have always seen this as the most noble of causes and the cause to which I have become a very dedicated student and professional.

Now, as an indian citizen, I’ve seen since childhood that health care organization and infrastructure in developing countries need reformation. I graduated from a dental school and we had a subject known as public health dentistry in which we used to set free check-up dental camps in areas where dentists were scarce and the people couldn’t afford dental check-ups. We travelled for miles into the rural are, so that we could offer our services to the people who had no way to reach us. It made me realise that those people didn’t even have access to the basic health services and none had insurance.

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 My goal after completing the M.S. in your distinguished HCA program is to contribute to health care reform in India by better understanding the needs of the population, reviewing health care services, assessing and appraising current services and sustaining decision making in the development of these services. Your program at XXU will provide me with the kind of comprehensive immersion that I seek in the study of the myriad and complex ways that health systems have evolved over time; and, most importantly, continue to do so today in creative and progressive ways. I look forward to an in-depth study of the broad spectrum of issues that are seen as most important in our field, our greatest challenges and opportunities. I also look forward to learning from other graduate students in your program from all over the world, comparing notes about the unique challenges that each one of us has faced, so that we will all become better health care administrators in the areas in which we continue to develop our careers. I have an epistemophilic personality which makes me a quick learner.

I keenly look forward to studying the keystone principles of HCA in your program so that I will someday be able to exert an influence over decision making and policymaking in health care system management. By studying towards the M.S. in HCA program at XYZ, I will receive a world-class foundation in the principles of health care reform and implementation and will learn how to work on the cutting edge of health care promotion and improvement.