I am Michelle Segura and in the two years that I have been a member of the team

I am Michelle Segura and in the two years that I have been a member of the team, I have become passionate and enthusiastic for twirling and performing. Short Flags has made me more confident, responsible, and hard-working. Even though I have not had experience as an officer previously, I am prepared to take on the responsibility of an officer efficiently. As a member, I have ideas on how to improve the quality of the team and performance. I also possess strong qualities, such as positivity, helpfulness, and dedication.

Last year, even though I was surrounded by wonderful people, the team was characterized by a lack of strong leadership, communication, and trust. Next year, I wish to continue to keep the team disciplined, as this will allow confident practice and performances. Also, next year should be more responsible, such as the organization of activities and fundraisers. I also wish to improve on this year’s communication in order for next year to be more open and honest, and create trust, peace, and unity within the team.

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A good quality of mine is my positivity and helpfulness. A positive attitude is important to have at all times; during practices, and especially during performances. As a member, I noticed most of team would feel discouraged after a disappointing performance, instead of being motivated to practice harder. I want next year to have more positive teamwork and not let bad days influence the rest of the team. Also, I like to help, and try to whenever I can. Even when faced with obstacles, I could help the team and I grow and learn from mistakes. A team with a positive and helpful attitude will only make the team stronger and efficient.

Also, another quality of mine is my constant hunger to improve. I like to take all the good parts from my teammates, such as their strength or spunk, and try to incorporate it into my performance. After performances, I constantly rewatch videos, looking for mistakes and for things I could make better in the next performance. This motivation I take to practice, where I take all the critiques and work to fix each one. Although cleaning and building endurance can be frustrating at times, the satisfaction is greater. Being able to critique myself helps the team and I have cleaner technique, execution, and confidence.

To me, being on Short Flags is more than an honor, and becoming the role of co-captain would give me the opportunity to make a positive influence within the team. I am confident I can be an effective leader who will work hard to be a good role model and represent the team well. I have a lot of pride in Short Flags and the team, and hopefully I can help make 2018-19 a great year in the Channel Islands Short Flags legacy.