14 Ways to save Money at Macy’s
There are many attractive deals and discounts at Macy’s, but not all will save you significant amounts of money. Read on to find 14 ways to get what you want without hurting your wallet too much:
1. Sign up for Macy’s Star Rewards and get birthdays freebies and 25% off
The program is free and the discounts are plenty. As a bronze member you will get 5 points for every dollar you spend. You can redeem $10 Macy’s Star Money after you reach 1000 points. Macy’s Star Rewards program will send you special offers, event invitations, and free birthday surprises. Once you create an account, you will be awarded 25% off your next purchase.
2. Macy’s app saves 25%
You will receive 25% off your next app purchase after you download the free app. The app makes shopping experience sweeter with some great features:
• Keep track of Star Rewards and Macy’s credit card balances
• Deals and sales
• Barcode scanner works great for price-matching in store
• Price drop alerts can be set for select items
• The app will find similar items at Macy’s based on your pictures

3. Buy online and pick up in store to get 15-20% off next order
Your online order can be picked up at your local store the same day. You will also get 15%-20% off your next shopping as long as it happens within 30 days.
4. One Day and Friends & Family savings can be stacked
One Day sale happens once a month, usually the third week of the month. The sale lasts for 48 hours and for a few days in December. You can stack coupons even on clearance items to get the best deals possible.
Family & Friends sale is hosted in April and December. This usually features 30% off regular items, sale, and even clearance merchandise. In addition to that you get 25% or 10% select departments.
5. Shopkick app for free gift cards
With this app you can accumulate some serious points just for walking in the store and scanning the items barcodes with it. The app will guide you and show you the best ways to earn points. You can use it for various other retailers. Once you build up your bank, you can cash them for gift cards. If you link your credit card or invite friends to use the app, you will get even more rewards. Definitely worth considering!
6. Avoid the shipping fee
This fee is quite steep, but there are a few ways to avoid it. First of all, you need to make sure you are buying $99 or more. If you have something to return from an order, do that in the store. It will save you $11. If you add some beauty products like masks or chap sticks, you will get free shipping on any size order. Yes, you will have to pay for items to get free shipping, but at least you will get a product for it.
One more trick – order online and pick up in the store for free.
7. Compare prices at the tore and online via the app
Online and in-store prices don’t always match. Use the app in store to compare them and show it to the cashier if the in-store is higher. You will get the price-match and will still be able to use applicable coupons. It’s a win-win!
8. Price adjustment for 10 days
If the item that you just got became cheaper in the next 10 days, you can get the price adjustment. All you have to do is get a hold of customer service and present the receipt. Many other major retailers do that too. Rules vary everywhere, so be vigilant.
9. In-store and online rebates
Macy’s has many various rebates online and in stores every month. You can check eligible items online for each month and use those rebates on top of other applicable sales and coupons making deep savings even deeper.
10. Free beauty gifts with orders
Luxurious brands like Clinique and Estee Lauder often have gifts-with-purchases deals. You would be surprised how many great free products you can sometimes score this way. This is the best way to try some new skincare or beauty products. As mentioned before, beauty purchases ship free.
11. Macy’s clearance
This isle is a great place to find fantastic deals, but even there you have to check the tags. The yellow tags with prices ending in 6 means that the product is discounted to the end. The blue tags with prices ending in 3 means that the item will be discounted one more time before it gets taken away. White tagged items in clearance section are just getting there and might not yet be discounted at all. Take it to the sales desk to find its price.
Coupons are not applicable on clearance items.
12. Name brands on clearance
Macy’s is known to carry many brand names in its clearance section. Some of those names are Nike, GUESS, Levi’s, and many others. You should celebrate when you see these items in the Last Act section as they are not eligible for coupons, so it’s your only chance to scoop them up at a discounted price. Yellow tags are ready for picking, blue mean that it can be even lower in a few days.
13. Savings with Macy’s gift cards
If you pay for your purchase entirely with a gift card, you can get the same benefits as for using their credit card. This equals great savings.
Sites like Raise and Gift Card Granny offer discounted gift cards from various stores, including Macy’s. Sometimes you can get lucky and get 10% gift cards to use in the store, online, or both.
14. Always check our site for amazing deals and ways to save!

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