Hi, the short story called Good people was written by David Foster Wallace in 2007. David Wallace was being called an outrageously gifted novelist and the genius of his generation. He was also a philosophy and English major at Amherst school, which is a school in Massachusetts. Foster long battled depression until 2008 when he committed suicide, which shocked a lot of people. When he wrote Good people, he was in his depression phase and if you look at the short story, you can see that it’s based on the someone’s thought about himself, that maybe in his life, Wallace wasn’t what he wanted to be and that’s why he wrote Good people.
This story started with the people, Lane Dean and his girlfriend Sheri Fisher, sitting very still on a picnic beside a lake on a bench. They weren’t talking, just looking at the sea and they could feel a tension in the air. As the story goes through, the narrator was only showing Lane’s thought for all the story, he never showed Sheri’s thought. Lane is 19 years old and we know that he’s very reflective person because he reflects a lot on how he should be as a person through the story.