Hi Mr

Hi Mr. Tushar Patel, my name is Georgia Bugden. I would like to apply for the available employment as advertised in the (Petawawa Post) newspaper, for a cook/cashier job at your food workplace. Since I love subway’s food and customer service I think I will be fabulous for the job.

I think I would be great for this job because I strongly believe in providing customers with respect and acknowledgement. I am very helpful and kind, most importantly I love working with others. I am a highly productive and organized, with good leadership qualities. I always enjoy teamwork environments and mentality. I am prepared to work under pressure as I have the experience being a waitress at Ulrich’s catering. Working as a waitress has given me the training and skill in the food industry. I prep food, serve food, take orders, assemble food and cook food. I appreciate hygiene and like things to be sanitized. I believe that I would be a welcomed addition to your staff and would like to be given the chance to not only manifest but, also demonstrate my skills to you.

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I hope to be able to meet you in person for a formal interview to discuss this opportunity further.
I am available weekdays at 3:00 pm, and can be reached on my mobile (tel:343-369-1799).
Looking forward to hearing from you soon