Chandkheda, Ahmedabad
Project Report
Under the course of
B. E. III, Semester – V
(Computer Engineering)
Submitted by:
Group: 16564
Sr. Name of student Enrolment No.

1 Harsh RakeshParmar 160800107045
2 DhwaniPritamsinhParmar 160800107043
3 Ismail Gulammahamad Khatri 160800107026
Prof. Dhaval Patel
(Faculty Guide)

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Prof. Ajaysinh Rathod
(Head of the Department)
Academic year 2017-18
Vadodara Institute of Engineering
This is to certify that the students namely, Harsh RakeshParmar(160800107045),DhwaniPritamsinhParmar (160800107043), IsmailGulammahamadkhatri(160800107026)of B. E. III (Computer Engineering), Semester V have successfully completed the course work and related tasks for the course of Design Engineering 2A (2150001) during the academic term ending in the month of October,2018.

Date: __________
Place: __________

Prof. Dhaval Patel
(Faculty Guide) Prof. Ajaysinh Rathod
(Head of the Department)

It is very difficult to express our feelings and we feel short of words for those who have contributed a lot in our training and provided their invaluable cooperation to us. Many people have helped, provided direction as well as technical information and it is our pleasure to acknowledge our debt to the many people involved directly or indirectly in development of this project.

Our deep sense of gratitude is extended to Prof. Dhaval Patelwhose continuous Encouragement, suggestions and constructive criticism have been invaluable assets throughoutthe projectwork.

We would like to offer special thanks to Vadodara Institute of Engineering for helping us to build our career and laying down a platform, which will help us to build a career in software industry.

Harsh Parmar (160800107045)
Dhwani Parmar (160800107043)
Ismail Khatri (160800107026)

Title Page no.

1. Introduction 1
2. A.E.I.O.U Canvas 2
3. Empathy Mapping Canvas 4
4. Ideation Canvas 5
6. Mind Mapping Canvas 7
7. Product Development Canvas 8
8. Learning Needs Matrix Canvas 10
9. Conclusion 12
10 References 13

List of Figures
No. Title Page no.

1. A.E.I.O.U Canvas 1
2. Empathy Mapping Canvas 2
3. Ideation Canvas 3
4. Mind Mapping Canvas 4
5. Product Development Canvas 5
6. Learning Needs Matrix Canvas 6
7. Prototype 7

“Smart Locator”, name itself defines the aim of the project. We with our team members have attempted to develop a system which will help in saving life of humans. It is a locator that will have a sensor installed in a car which will sense whenever the car meets with an accident.It will give an immediate message to the nearby police station, hospital and their relatives whose contact numbers are stored in emergency contact numbers list. In this way, we can contribute to save the person’s life in such situations.

A.E.I.O.U Canvas
AEIOU is a method to help and interpret observations gathered by practice in surroundings. Its two primary functions are to code data, and to develop building blocks of models that will ultimately address the objectives and issues of a client.

Figure1: A.E.I.O.U Canvas

With the thought on people involved in different activities, an attempt was made to think up on possibilities of various activates. Elaboration at maximization is essential here at the stage while identifying activities, these results in comprehensiveness.

Saves life – Saves time
Calls ambulance – Send instant messages
Calls police – Trace location
Inform relatives- Gives location
Problem solving
Here actually in this canvas we are taking a note of an environment where we went for observing in nearby area or a location.

– Highways- Relatives
– Cars – Crowd
Here we interacted with the clients or the user and discussed about the problem they are facing in using present product available in the market.

Driver- Police station- Relatives
Car- Hospitals
Here we observed the objects present in the location where we went for observing.

GPS tracker -Cops- Sensor or detector
Ambulance -Car
In such we wrote the names for those who are directly dependent to the product.

Driver – Relatives- Police
Passengers – Doctor

Empathy Mapping Canvas
Empathy Map is the canvas where designer has to observe and understand the emotional needs of the user, and on the basis of empathy of user he will think of the solution.

Figure2: Empathy mapping canvas

Ideation Canvas
This canvas is based on how we actually get the idea about the main project. By simply observing the surroundings from the problems that does people find in their day to day life we get into concluding our idea about the main project.

Figure3. Ideation Canvas

There are many peoples who are concern with this particular project but the main ones who are benefited most are:
Driver – Doctor
Police – Relatives
With the thought on people involved in different activities, an attempt was made to think up on possibilities of various activates. Elaboration at maximization is essential here at the stage while identifying activities, these results in comprehensiveness.

Saves life – Saves time
Calls ambulance – Send instant messages
Calls police – Trace location
Inform relatives- Gives location
Problem solving
With number of people identified doing many activities, we attempted to identify different locations that are involved in performing such activities, situations that are applied to perform certain activities and context of importance that was relevant to activities. We came up with the following:
Highways – Road
Hospital – Police station

Props/Possible Solutions:-
The aim of the ideation canvas is to help us in noting down different requirements in line with attempting about addressing a various problems.

Accurate Sensors – Manual button available
Safe place for sensor
Heavy duty air-bags

5. Mind Mapping Canvas
Mind mapping is plotting of view, ideas and implementation of your project. It’s actually the plotting of what is your idea, what will be done, its consequences and all.

Figure 4: Mind Mapping Canvas

Product Development Canvas
Here we have mentioned purpose of our product, functions, features, revalidation, and productexperience. Purpose of our product is easy availability of water and less time consumption. We also visited other teams as a customer for user revalidation.

Figure 5: Product Development Canvas
Purpose & People:-
The canvas starts with the limited no. of people with their purpose who are directly involved in major of the activities of the particular project.

To save life – Saves life from accident
Reduction in death rate- Solving problems
Saves time
Sending/receiving messages
Product experience:-
Next we come up with the product experience. Here we have discussed whether the product we are launching will give better experience or not.

Very effortless- User Friendly
Time saving – More attractive
Easy to use – Efficient
Product functions & features:-
And then everything has some unique or common features. So at next we have discuss the features of our product i.e. product features.

-Smooth functioning
-Less time consuming
-User friendly
Here we write the name of the components used or that do we are going to use in our future projects.

-GPS Tracker- Air bags
-Ambulance- Mobile phones
-Cops car- Sensors
Customer revalidation:-
-Good serviceability
-User satisfaction
-Product flexibility
Reject, Redesign,Retain:-
-No rejection
-Responsive design
-Technical fault

Learning Needs Matrix Canvas
Learning Needs Matrix help us to identify the learning requirements at an early stage along with prioritization of specific learning along with defined time allocation for each learning priority.

Figure 6: Learning Needs Matrix canvas


Figure 7: Prototype
The project “Smart Locator” has been successfully documented. During documentation of this project, it was an interesting intellectual challenge and it gave us direct experience to make a project which is beneficial for the whole society and world.