Frank Stronach is a charismatic leader

Frank Stronach is a charismatic leader; he has a vision and articulation. He wants to change the status quo for a better world. He takes personal risks and scarifies in order to achieve his goals and visions. He is also a sensitive leader to his employees’ needs and feelings and receptive of others surrounding him. Research shows impressive correlations between charismatic leadership and high performance and satisfaction among followers. Leadership is the process of influencing others. It is where a person can be able to get the support and assistance of others in order to achieve a common goal. Frank Stronach posses both a personal vision and a corporate vision. In Frank’s case it started by having an idea to build one the most successful auto parts company and subsequently, followed by owning largest horse racing tracks in the United States. In his interview, Frank Stronach takes pride in a humble way for being influential on others.