Environmental issues have been long

Environmental issues have been long, a piece of Asia and around the globe. People have been worried with environmental issues since quite a while, and has been effective in a few. The age of youngsters is growing up that seldom observes blue skies (Lepeule J et al. 2012).
Economic and Population development have made some serious issues like, rising worldwide temperature, contaminated water assets etc. These issues carry with them different wellbeing conditions and diseases. These Asian countries have also been fighting pollution of many types because most of these countries are low-middle income countries (ICAMP 2014).
Recent studies done by the World Health Organization in 2016 found that around 98% of cities in middle to low-income countries have air quality that doesn’t meet the recognized WHO standards (Ambient Air Pollution for 2012).
Pollution causes serious dangers for example; headaches, migraines, unfavorably cardiovascular maladies, lung growth and perpetual respiratory infections, consuming petroleum products for example, oil and gas, by various vehicles and
ventures are the greatest giver of Carbon dioxide discharge (Bates, and R. Kumar 2013).The result is the warming of our planet and the possible change of Earth’s climate, which could inflict destruction for the growing seasons, the amount of rainfall needed for crops, the rising level of the oceans, with the endangerment of many coastal cities throughout the world, and other problems {UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change} 2011).To take care of these different issues, we have to consider long term programs. Projects and measures should be taken likewise it should be sound possible as financially so it gives a net advantage (UN Environment, 2014)
The first step towards saving our environment is that we need to be aware of the problems and be more educated about them. The air and ocean are the property that we all share, so we should keep our oceans and the air clean. The countries suffering should agree to cooperate on goals to remove these problems (Wolf et al., 2013) In addition to agreeing on these goals, these nations must negotiate on how they want to accomplish these goals. The governments of these countries need to be involved in it (Delarue, E. and Meeus, L. 2013).