Education has more than one benefit

Education has more than one benefit, it has many, but it all rests in the eyes of the beholder to see what the benefits are. For some, education may be a stepping stone to a profession and other people its the ability to think more effectively, and to be able to think on a bigger scale then those without that knowledge. It is up to us though, to know and appreciate what we can gain from receiving an education. Education helps us to realize our full potential as human beings. Over the years, advancement in technology has assisted in making education more appealing, integrative and wholesome. Through technology, the teacher’s role has changed from being the sole custodian of knowledge to an assistant in the process of knowledge acquisition for the learners. The presence of the internet from where information can be acquired, widening both the teachers’ and learners’ scope of the world and specific subjects, has change the face of education from the traditional paper and chalk model. Through this advancement in technology, distance learning is possible; interaction among scholars has become easier, as well as collaboration in research and information sharing. The teacher-learner interaction has also improved through these technological improvements, making education more accommodative, exciting and learner-centered, as learning activities are focused towards the learner than they were before.