Ecotourism concept has evolved great interest among various disciplines

Ecotourism concept has evolved great interest among various disciplines, policymakers, and planners in order to conserve and maintain the biological richness of an area as well as for the economic upliftment of the local people. Walayar forest range in Palakkad lies in the foot of the Western Ghats with its natural setting and tourism attractions. This provides the advantage for the development of ecotourism with sustainability in the area.
The paper deals with the environmental, social and economic condition of Walayar forest range with the findings on the pros and cons of the ecotourism development. In view of the foregoing, it may be stated that promotion of ecotourism in India is an imperative rather an option. The steps already stated by the Governments of India and Kerala appear to be in the right direction, there need to be focused efforts in the direction of ecotourism. There is the need for ensuring the full participation and participation by the local community. This is essential to ensure the long-term prospects of the sector. Furthermore, there is the urgent need to limit the number of visitors in each ecotourism destination so that the natural environment can withstand the pressures. This paper concludes with strategies for introducing tourist hubs, local community upliftment, tourism market improvement, environmental education and ecotourism management.
This paper will help to throw light on conserving the ecology of the area with an increase in knowledge of wilderness and forestry which is the key concept of ecotourism development in Kerala. Once the various measures as above are implemented in letter and spirit the prospects of ecotourism in India and particularly in Kerala appear to be quite bright.