The United States has gone through 45 presidents who have offered many new ideas that have aided our country

The United States has gone through 45 presidents who have offered many new ideas that have aided our country. Harry S. Truman our 33rd President was one of those great man who was thrown into the president’s seat on April 12, 1945. He witnesses and was a part of some of the most memorable events in the United States and world history. His reputation follows him during his career for being a trustworthy and competent man. His accomplishment during his military and political career, successful first and second term and his great impact post presidency.
Harry S. Truman, was our 33rd President of the United States. He grew up on a farm near Independence, MO about 10 miles east of Kansa City. During his childhood he worked hard at various job and he also tented the family farm. Truman was a hard-working student who graduated from high school in 1901. He joined the National Guard and served as a captain of the field artillery in France during World War I. In 1934 he was elected as a U.S Senator, he was a firm supporter of the New Deal policies if President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In 1994 he was nominated for Vice President and was elected to office along with President Roosevelt.
On April 12, 1945 after the death of President Roosevelt, Truman became the 33rd President. He assumed power at a very critical time, during this time he was confronted with the problems of conducting the war. On May 8, 1945 the war with Europe ended and he attended the conference to discuss the postwar. His program during his first term called Fair Deals they were block by Congress, which was controlled by Republicans after the 1946 election. All he wants was guaranteed full employment, end racial discrimination and extended social security benefits. During his second term and later life, he made progress with his Fair Deal programs, he secure passage of housing act (1949). That was a big deal for him because all he wants was the best for the American people. After his loyalty program for civil servants the government came under attack for loose security after the conviction of Alger. Truman remained active in politics for many years after his retirement. He could go around the country for Democratic candidates and observation on national issues. He was part of the Truman library, which opened on 1957 in Independence, Mo.
In conclusion, after a half of the century from the end of Truman presidency, they consider Truman one of the greatest president. He brought a large contribution into the American history. Truman helped rebuild our country from the war and other countries, which cured the depression and reconstruction. Truman did not have much success with his program, but many of his reform proposals came later into law. He was extremely influential during his time of leadership, but what make him the most influence president is his role in foreign affair that’s what left a big impact on the United States.