Dear Sharon

Dear Sharon,
How are you recently? I hope you and your family are in the hale of hearty. Holiday had just passed. How about yours? I had a really fun and memorable day during my school holiday? Do you interested to know how I spent my school holidays? I couldn’t resist sharing with you my holiday’s life.
During the last summer holiday, my family had planned to go to the beach which is just a stone throw away, Pantai Mohib for a picnic. My siblings and I were at the top of the world after a donkey’s years waiting for it. Once in the blue moon, I woke up as an early bird on the school holiday. I was so excited. I was packed up the items that I need such as goggles, swimming suit and some clothes into my beloved red pale bag. After finish packed the items, I went to my bathroom for a short shower and dress up with the simple blue T-shirt and black track bottom.
Then, I went down to help my mother packing various type of finger licking food which prepared by my beloved mother. Meanwhile, my father was as busy as a bee was arranging the items in the car’s boot and with the kindly hand from my brothers.
After finished arranging and packing, we start to depart from our house. After two hours, we arrived. The sand on that beach was so white and the sweater was as clean as a whistle. In no time, my sisters and I change into the swimming suits that we had brought. After changing into our swimming suits, my sister and I jumped into the blue crystal clear seawater. We have shivered because the water was cold as an ice as it still at the crack of dawn. My sisters were swimming like a frog while I swam like a mermaid. Meanwhile, my father and my brothers were as happy as a lark playing the volleyball. My beloved mother just sat on the green with blue and red stripes and watching us.

When the Mr Sun Shine was on the top of our head which show it already at noon, my sister and I stop swimming in the seawater when our skin wrinkled like a dried prune. My mother called all of us to have a mouth-watering food under the big shady tree. We were famished. After that, my father and my brothers jumped into the seawater and made a big splash. Then, they were playing the beach ball in the sea while my sister and I built some unique and big sandcastle. We put some baby crab in it like it was a crabs kingdom. Then, we collected some seashell. Out of the blue, one of my sisters was the scream on the top of her voice. We were on panic and rushed to her, there was nothing. She only screams because she was on the cloud nine when she found the mesmerising and very beautiful seashell. I am jealous. I wish I could have it too. The only thing that I think at that time was I want to get it so I try to search for it, but I can’t even get it.
After three hours later, my family and I were packed all the things that we had brought into our car’s boot. Before going back, we took some photographs of our big family. We were exhausted but we were very happy as it was a family bonding time for us. That day also was a whale of the time for my family to foster my family’s bones.
I think maybe you can join us next time. I reckon you sure will enjoy this trip very well. If not, we also can go fishing in my village or climbing up to the hill to enjoy the beautiful scenery. We can learn a lot about flora during those trip. I was quite a list of activities that we can do in the next school holiday. Do you fancy joining me? I hope your answer is yes instead of no. I have to stop now because I want to hit my science book because tomorrow has science short exam. Don’t forget to reply to my letter. Bye-bye

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