David Hume explains that there are mistaken views of personal identity

David Hume explains that there are mistaken views of personal identity.it is the cause of confusion and mistake, Hume weighed the notion of identity to be not real or true. his philosophy was that us as humans can only see or create a concept of self, based on different thoughts and pictures we can see at any time. If hume was to argue that self existed, it would do so as an unceasing, eternal factor, of which we could be continually aware. hume was committed to the bundle theory in that he titled the image of self was dependent on a reach of different variables or sensing that we’re in a constant state of change. because of this element, the notion of identity, one would assume was unchanging, it must be wrong, one would suggest that in fact our perceptions of self weren’t even based on bundles of perceptions, but more simple perceptions in themselves. this is cause of perceptions can be acknowledged without the welfare of self but are in fact a part of our imagination process which he gives himself to support Hume’s idea as the self as unreal however. some philosophers state that the idea that there are some perceptions that either agree or disagree that Hume’s theory breaks apart when we presume that perceptions are stated by themselves. they use this concept of the feeling of pain to show us how a small injury on one person who we might see as more or less in pain of another. this might even give the idea that because perceptions are differently based, they could put in to the idea of self. another philosopher Terence Penelhum disagrees with Hume arguing that Hume was not clear in his version identity or self and believed that Hume was misinterpreting the ideas of self and identity with self- concept. this problem comes up with Hume’s own description of identity as being a permanent object in many scenarios it would suggest something as nonphysical as words in a book , the words themselves are all individually different , yet the words as an object stays the same .I agree as well that Hume wasn’t mindful of the more updated view of self and was very much so comparing it only to the concept of the mind ,as preventing to including such matters as personality , hereditary traits and the impingement of external forces on how we see and carry ourselves, while there is a lot about us that changes as we go on through life there I consider a centered component in all of us that makes us different from our family members and others which could be believed as a concept of self.