Currently, project management is applied in many developed countries of the world. According to US statistics, one-third of the global economy is project management. Market relations in Kazakhstan’s economy have led to the emergence of new trends in domestic management and the development of intonational approaches, methods, and technologies, taking into account foreign management theory and practice. One of the pioneers of project management in Kazakhstan was the oil and gas industry and the information technology industry. The management system in the oil and gas companies of Kazakhstan is built on the functional principle, which is based on a clear distribution of functions between departments and the preservation of a multi-level management structure. However, such approaches are not always effective in a competitive environment, geographic distance of business units and companies entering the international level. The disadvantage of such a principle in companies is the following: the employees’ vision of what is happening most often does not go beyond the divisions in which they work; employees are not focused on the company’s objectives and therefore are not too interested in the final result. Information exchange between departments of the company is complicated due to the vertical hierarchy, which leads to long-term management decisions.
The main stakeholders are Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan,oil and gas companies of Kazakhstan: KazMunayGas, KazTransOil, Tengizchevroil, energy companies of Kazakhstan, Union of Project Managers of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan is one of the most project-oriented sectors of the economy and I am the largest domestic consumer of high-tech industrial products in the country. At the same time, the solution of the tasks facing the industry, the preservation of its competitiveness and further development is impossible without the use of new technologies of the highest level. The number of simultaneously executed projects in large Kazakhstani companies in the oil and gas industry is growing and reaching hundreds, and sometimes thousands. At the stage of field development, capital construction projects are the most resource-intensive and time-consuming, so it is beneficial for them to apply project management methods, as overruns of even 5% of the project budget or an increase in the duration of such a project can result in significant financial losses for the company.
Currently, almost all Kazakhstan’s oil and gas companies have come to understand the need for a systematic approach to project management techniques. The companies manage the projects of prospecting, exploration, and development of oil and gas fields, in which at each stage they solve their problems, which turn into local projects linked by common goals.
Today, the tasks of a modern oil and gas company are changing, they have become much wider – there is a need to move to a fundamentally new level – the system of corporate project management. The implementation of such a system is a laborious and expensive process, although the costs pay off: the duration of projects is reduced by 15-20%, planning costs are reduced by 25%. If there is no common system for planning, monitoring and coordinating a project, the company may bear the risk of delaying the implementation of this project. This problem is solved during the implementation of the scheduling information system, which displays information on the progress of the project. For project management turning heads, as one of the means of improving the company’s performance.
With the introduction of the design approach the company is addressing the following issues: increasing handling organization, reduce the impact of human factors, etc. management of the organization and execution of internal transactions within the business processes, lower costs.