CS IV: Positive and productive relationship with family
My goal is to work with the families throughout the year. Communicate with parents any of their concerns; classroom should look welcoming, friendly environment to children and parents. When a parent comes to drop their children, they should feel happy to see the classroom and teacher. I want to create an environment that parents to understand how the school works the whole day. I will send weekly menus, newsletters, and daily paperwork to home, and also I will post menus to read for a parent when they come to pick or drop. I will encourage them to volunteer opportunity to come to school and read a book for children, help on artwork and field trips. Also, I will ask if they have any of their opinions or concerns that I can help them. I will conduct a meeting to discuss with parents about their children’s development and what they think about their children and how they are doing in the home. That way I will get to know about children their likes, dislikes, strengths, and needs.
CSIV a: I will ensure by sending weekly plans, menus, newsletters, and go home folder that way I think I can communicate with them and also post menus, weekly plan for parents to read.
CSIV b: I will ensure that how they are doing at home by communicating with parents. I will conduct a meeting, and I will discuss with a parent about children’s development, and I will ask them how they are doing at home.