Chen Yee Aun 0125413 Research Proposal Topic

Chen Yee Aun 0125413
Research Proposal
Topic: How Technology changed our lives?
1. Introduction
Technology is known to be a device or machinery for us humans to make our lives easier from scientific creation. We apply this device to interpret a problem that is a nuisance that is in our daily lives. Other than solving problems with technology, it is also known to comfort us and provide entertainment during our leisure time. Technology may be a convenience for our daily use but there are some who uses it for malicious and other unethical purposes. Technology is slowly advancing through time and it is becoming compact and easy to access to all mankind around the world.
a. Communication
i. Smart Devices
ii. E-Mails
iii. Websites
b. Education
i. Online Learning
ii. Information from Websites
iii. Help the disabled to learn
c. Jobs
i. Gets Work Done using a shorter period
ii. Substituted by Machinery
iii. More Competitive Through Job Vacancy

Thesis Statement:
Technology is important to the modern generation through Communication and it can also change the ways of school educating the young of this generation the jobs can also be easier through the use of technology.

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Literature Review:
Chmiel (1998) said that technology was help in physical work during the traditional manufacturing
Chmiel (1998) mentioned that In the year 1990, 75 per cent of work establishment have a kind of on-site computing facility while comparing to the year of 1984, 47 per cent of workplaces are still using labour workers, while 52 per cent have been experiencing the change of technology throughout three years researched by WIRS
Harvey (2013) stated that Modern Technology is interesting as it helped Harvey save time and effort of completing task.
Ramey (2013) mentioned technology has made the business industry competitive by replacing workers with technology and other than that it delivers its product on time and saves budget.
Ramey (2013) said that communication technology is a system that could provide technical means to transfer information or data from places or person to another.
Ramey (2013) mentioned that student can use technology for individual learning, students can learn and teach themselves by surfing the internet for personal research.
Ramey (2013) mentioned that technology can encourage group learning for students to aid students that are shy to expose their identities to their classmate during a group discussion in class.
Ramey (2013) said that technology help students with disabilities to learn through technology like iPad, Robots, and Games this can increase their sociability in the classroom.
Ramey (2013) mentioned that technology in jobs are not safe because data is easily lost in business by hackers accessing the remote database for their personal needs.
Syon (2008) mentioned that science and technology are recognized as a mere tool for humans to control, but it also aids the advancement of life.
Chmiel (1998) mentioned that technology has not change a person’s function, organisation are still need employee to hire, inspiration, and evaluation for the work that are required. The only change is that the requirement to use the technology to accomplish the job related to it.
Ramey (2013) mentioned that time can be saved by performing multiple task in a computer in the same time
Ramey (2013) stated that technology that are used in business comes in a high cost which it use up a huge amount of money to maintain the process of technology to not malfunction.
Ramey (2013) said that teachers can work easily with the aid of technology be using application that helps teachers mark examination paper.
Ramey (2013) mentioned that it may seems technology helps students to gain knowledge through the help of technology but it may also give distraction to students as well by allowing students to browse through social media during the middle of a class.
Ramey (2013) mentioned that using technology in school also requires time and money for training on the use of variety educational technology to teach students
Deleo (2008) mentioned that the way we communicate has been transformed by technology as writing through e-mail can be reach instantly to a recipient instead of mailing letters.
Deleo (2008) said that there are no boundaries to long distance communication where many people have already stop using landlines phones and change them with Voice over Internet Protocol and mobile phones.
Deleo (2008) stated even though technology has made society a better place, it is still hard to define a person’s feeling through e-mails and text message.
Deleo (2008) mention that the young generation tend to forget how to spell and write a complete sentence because of the increase use of acronym in text messages.

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