Because there is such a diverse population in the United States today

Because there is such a diverse population in the United States today, our country is considered the melting pot of different cultures, and each one is unique in their own way. Culture includes beliefs, behaviors, art, religion, language, politics, fashion, traditions, food, and economic systems. However, people are not born with culture; they must learn it. Culture is adapted from the society in which we live in. Through the lifelong processes of learning, sharing, and creativity, culture molds our patterns of behavior and thinking. A culture’s significance can be so impactful that it touches nearly every aspect of who and what we are. “Culture becomes the lens through which we perceive and evaluate what is going on around us” (Henslin, 1993). Trying to define the term of culture is a task people have constantly struggled with. However, several people have strived to explain and define culture, but because it is such a controversial topic, no one has been able to come up with a specific definition. So, the question is, what is the true meaning culture?
Culture is identified as a system that has molded the identity of a community. It is a way a person behaves or beliefs they have established for a long period of time. Everyone is somehow apart of a culture, whether it’s humans or animals. Culture is a development that naturally occurs during the birth process. It can be very persuasive and a big factor in our personal beliefs. It is what makes our society. Culture allows us to create a foundation for our beliefs and influence our logical thinking. There are various diverse cultures worldwide, and every single one of them are influenced by various examples, in their society. Those examples include, religion, race, language, physical environment, inspirational people, and other numerous aspects in culture, which can inspire the way we think, and why we think that way.
Each society has its norms and traditions that must be followed by individuals in order to keep their society strong and intact. These aspects are based on background, religion, individual beliefs, language, geography, and race. For example, a person who is a Muslim has different beliefs about the roles of women in society than someone who is Christian. In this example, the individual belief is concerning women, which was based on the development of certain religions. Even though religion plays a huge role in today’s society, beliefs are also cultivated through family, peers, education, and a specific area and time period a person lives in. For example, a person is living during the time of Great Depression would believe in the method of saving money and working hard to overcome their struggles.