Assignment 1

Assignment 1: My Personal Way (Individual)

My leadership philosophy is ‘Always Thinking for the Children’. Loving children is the reason why I am in this Early Childhood Education (ECE) industry for more than 12 years. They are the little human beings that need guidance and care by the adults. Of all the mammals, once the baby animals were born, they could already walk, play with others, explore their environment and search for food all by themselves. In contrast, once human newborns are born, they need to be well taken care of crucially from birth. In terms of feeding, showering, home and school environment, education, nuturing, love and care from the people around them during their early years’ childhood period.
The ripple effect is evident in settings that serve children from birth to 5 years old. The more intentional in setting the learning environment , creating an engaging adult-child interaction, and using the data to make decision best support individual child’s learning and development. (Skiffington, Washburn, & Elliott 2011).
I started to know my direction of career during the period when I was working at Haagen Dazs while waiting for my O level’s results. It is an ice cream shop where I saw a lot of children with their parents buying ice cream together, either dining-in or take-way. I love it when they wanted to dine-in, the more time I had to interact with the children! Even though the time I spent with the children was merely 10-15 minutes, I was contented. Mr Roland was my boss then and all the staff call him by ‘Sir’. He recognised my love for children and the effort of bonding I had with the children and the parents (customers).
Upon receiving the O level’s results, the only choice I had was an Engineering course. It was nothing near to what my interest was. I talked to Mr Roland. He enlightened me with a few simple questions. “Aren’t you more interested in children as compared to engineering?” I rejected the Engineering course that was offered to me. I took a longer route as compared to others in entering ECE in SIM. Furthermore, I was the only one among my friends, who was interested to take up ECE course at that time.

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Skiffington, S.,S. Washburn, & K.Elliott. 2011. “Instructional Coaching: Helping Preschool Teachers Reach Their Full Potential.” Young Children 66 (3): 12-19, retrieved 19 October 2018, from .