As an individual who was raised in NYC

As an individual who was raised in NYC, I always assumed that once I became an adult in the country would have the necessary resources available to me in order to succeed and live the American dream. The united states is an land of dreams, that promises growth and prosperity. It is also a country with high poverty levels that usually goes unspoken of. A country that despite one’s efforts to pursue higher education to secure financial stability for our families, does not provide us the working class tax paying citizens and even some veterans of the country the benefits that we deserve. Based on the weak decisions of politicians and lawmakers, the people are uncertain of their long-term stability. This economic stress is an issue that has affected many people throughout the country for decades on end. This is an issue that must be dealt with if we want to change to take place for our future generations that are to come.

Although the unemployment rate is a all time low, growth for domestic workers have not sped up. The people are still fighting for their human and worker rights. Meanwhile, job opening have opened up, this does not reflect the overall weakening of worker unions. In recent election, Republicans lost control of the House after eight years in power. With Democrats pick up seats in several suburban districts where the party traditionally did well. (Alexander Burns and Jonathan Martin). Democrats want to let voters know they can improve the economy and equality which is why it is important that we vote. Our political decisions can affect, public project such as laws, taxes, healthcare and education. For many years economists, and geographers have been unable to clarify the influence of economic diversity on unemployment and instability in regional economies of the United States.

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The Taylor act, also known as The Public Employees Fair Employment Act is a bill that defines the rights and limitations of unions for public employees in New York. The right-to-work law is a fundamental law that allows workers the freedom to choose whether or not to join a union in their workplaces. The purpose of work unions is to help all employees despite negotiate. Relating to or promoting a worker’s right not to be required to join a labor union. The weak union system has resulted in many precarious workers. Globally, there are many workers who are affected by unstable employment. These workers are overworked, receive lower wages and are often denied social benefits. In the past we have heard politicians such as Hillary Clinton use the terminology: “more good jobs with rising wages” paired with raising the minimum wage. What we don’t hear often is bringing back union jobs or employment that’s protected through collective bargaining. With rising tuition and cost of living yet falling job security its a constant race to the bottom.

Tuition can be expensive, because of this many parent opt to place their children in Public and Charter schools. By law, public school must accept admittance of every child in the school district if there is space available for the child. Like Public schools, Charter schools are tuition free public schools. Charter schools emphasize on the importance of education and prioritize on academics. They also offer a variety of math and science programs as well and have extended school hours. Due to extensive applications, charter schools use lotteries and have long wait lists and may steer children with disabilities. Unlike public schools, some teacher in Charter schools are not state certified and do not have graduate degrees. People have personal preferences when selecting schools for their children. Educational preference may vary depending on religion, beleifs, and financial status. Ultimately, those that opt to tuition free schools are looking to save money. These days, one must be conscience about spending habits due to expenses that we encounter in our adult lives such as: college student loans, mortgage payments and car payments. Adjunct who are part time college professors are required to have post graduate degrees, preferably PhD’s. Are typically denied full time employment. This issue has caused a chain reacted or rather a wave effect across the nation.

Low wages have significantly affected our the livelihood of many people and is now apart of social movement. People are now fighting for their rights and are speaking more about the deliberate weakening of unions which do not have leverage for its workers. Domestic workers are coming together and organizing strategies to make a difference. The National Labor Relations Act extends to private-sector employees the right to organize and bargain collectively with their employer. Employees covered by the Act are protected from certain types of employer and union misconduct and have the right to attempt to form a union where none currently exists. What American workers need is civil rights. The labor issues that we experience go beyond what is seen to the public. A large number of people more than half of their time working in alarming low wages jobs in labor starved companies and organizations. Negligent treatment towards employees