Are zoos just internment camps for animals that should be shut down

Are zoos just internment camps for animals that should be shut down?
Studies have shown that in some ways zoos are kind of helpful because they help injured animals and can take care of them. On the other hand these animals are being held captive and used for entertainment. We as humans most certainly do not have the right to put animals in cages just for our own amusement. They are their own living species and they should get to pick on where they want to live instead of us locking them in a cage just for show. I believe that it is wrong because that would be like them taking us and putting us in a cage. We wouldn’t like that and it wouldn’t be fair so why are we doing it to them? So I think zoos should be shut down.
Usually there are just about one or two of the same species maybe three but that’s about it in a cage. In the animals real habitat, there are tons of the same species. They have lots of animals to play with and roam around being free. In zoos you have one or two animals to play with and stuck in one cage. Soon those animals become sad and start feeling lonely just being held captive or there might be an animal that’s all by themselves so they have no one to be with. Yes, there are some animals that are put there because they are injured or close to being extinct but, some are there just for entertainment purposes.
One example for animals being held captive are the Orcas at Seaworld. When you look back to when you were a kid, everyone wanted to go to the zoos to see animals. But no matter how much effort they put in to try to recreate a specific animals habitat, it will never be the same. Seaworld is amazing I went there when I was a kid. I thought it was such an awesome thing to see. Because they are there for entertainment purpose, they have to take them from the ocean, where they have tons of open and free space to swim and stick them into this tiny pool that will have just enough room to circle around because there isn’t room to swim everywhere like the ocean. Some Orcas had to be taken from their families so they can use them. Some have even died while trying to catch them. Research shows that Orcas in captivity live shorter lives that Orcas in the ocean.
Animals have really small cages than their natural habitat, especially when there is more than one animal in the same cage. This can cause the animals to become sad, depressed, lonely, and stressed. This can lead to the animals fighting each other or even getting seriously injured. Zoos will never be like the animals natural habitat because zoos don’t provide the right amount of space that the animals need. There is an estimation of 6,000,000 animals living in captivity just for our amusement. These animals don’t have their families and they can get sad and it can lead to starving themselves.