Ant-tracking has some important parameters

Ant-tracking has some important parameters, such as initial ant boundary, ant-track deviation and ant-step size. Initial ant boundary defines the number of voxel radius territories that each agent searches and the ant-track deviation is a parameter that controls the maximum allowed deviation of each agent from a local maximum as it tracks. The ant-step size defines the number of voxels an ant agent advances for each increment within its searching step. The ant-track starts to search with the above parameters. When the ant-track fails to continue edges in a defined radius, it is allowed to advance more by three predefined parameters. These parameters are: the illegal step allowed, legal required steps and stop criteria. In this situation, the ant-track is allowed to advance as the illegal step allowed and search for edges. Each edge that ant track would find in the illegal steps, must be larger than the legal required steps. However, the percentage of the total illegal steps should be less than the stop criteria.