Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa is not just a typical romantic drama

Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa is not just a typical romantic drama. It presented major conflicts that still resulted into a bad case of forbidden love of Sam (played by Nicco Manalo) a young filmmaker and Isa (played by Emmanuelle Vera) an aspiring writing. The representation of complicated love story was presented in a realistic and honest way.
The film started in the middle of the story, no cute courting stage, no quarrels of rivals turned lovers and no much exploring before admitting their feeling towards each other. From being romantically involved, the story developed with clues and hints of what may be the reason of the problem of Isa and Sam.
Their story developed slowly. The film covered only two days and in that timeframe, it was shown that they’re trying to make the relationship work, though they both know that it was wrong. This film speaks emotions even if there’s no dialogues being said by the lead characters to each other.

Throughout the film, we always see that Isa and Sam are always on the move like for example on the train, walking on the bridge in between stations, on the taxi. Although the film don’t let us forget that Isa and Sam are in love, that love is temporary. As much as they want their situation be different, the road will come to an end and train will eventually stop.

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There are scenes where buildings under construction was shown, hinting at that there are things that are not yet established, things with no assurance if it’s going to be completed or fulfilled without proper label like Isa and Sam.