Workplace: When I receive a feedback regarding staff’s poor performance, as a manager it is my duty to correct the staff as soon as possible in good approach to provide staff a friendly environment. It is in a very good way for me to give the staff constructive criticisms, I usually stress how well they did and what I like and other staff as well as the service users about his/he performance. The feedback about staff’s not so good performance I must be given with developmental slant. I am always firm with my staffs especially when correcting their mistakes with specifically highlighting what I must expect the team member will do and I will give clear feedback indication of how to achieve it. I usually end with positive point so must to rebuild staff self-esteem in what can often be rather uncomfortable situation. I don’t usually make it as a personal issue. I always keep in kind that it is the behaviour and performance not the person is the issue. I always give then chance to explain their side and listen to what they say.