When Henrietta died

When Henrietta died, Gey was asking Day if they could do an autopsy on Henrietta’s body and he said that he did not want them to. Then later on when Day came back to visit Henrietta, he had to fill out different paper work and Gey asked Day again and that time he gave them permission. It was a devastating time for Day, because she was such a caring person and he loved her so much. When they took Henrietta to the autopsy room, Henrietta’s family was so surprised on how they saw the dead body. Back then, the way that hospitals treated the autopsy is so much different than how we do it today. Like when Henrietta was getting cut open, her family was watching and was helping out with it. Today, you are not allowed to see the family member’s internal organs without having their consent. Another reason how this is all changed is because of Code Of Ethics. The actual reason why Henrietta died was because of terminal urema. She was basically had blood poisoning. When they were stitching Henrietta backup, Mary was having these thoughts to herself that Henrietta was an actual human and she was looking at her toenails and they were painted with the bright red color that Henrietta would take hours on and the fact that she could not believe that she is dead is telling me that she had a very close relationship to the point Mary is not use to having Henrietta gone. Another reason could be that because of how bad Henrietta was infected, Mary did not recognize her at all. Later on, everyone in Henrietta’s family was so sad to the point Cootie was yelling outside and saying to leave her alone and it would be a bad weather. Everyone was missing the days when Henrietta was still living. They buried Henrietta right by her mother’s grave. Everyone but Elsie was the only one that didn’t knew that her mother had died because she was still at that place where she was getting better. During Henrietta’s funeral service, when they were lowering her to the ground, the setting of that time described what and who Henrietta was.