Toilet Training- Toilet training happens at the child’s own pace with the help of parents

Toilet Training- Toilet training happens at the child’s own pace with the help of parents. At this age group it is important that the child is given regular and calm guidance and inspiration. This age the child also learns to gain independence and responsibility as such its major life events. However, a child who does not achieve these skills quickly might find it to be shameful or even doubt their own abilities.
Feeding- At this age the child starts to learn to trust that his or her basic needs will be met, feeding is also a part of the development process, this also lead the child to be independence and learn how to feed themselves.
Nursery- At this stage this is the first time the child is left for some time without their parents and to learn new skills and new relationships. This can be hard for the child and the parents because it’s the first time the child is being away from his or her parents. Being away from parents would make the child form new relationships with other children and his or her teachers and also learn a whole lot of new skills.
Childhood (3-10 years):
School- This age is where most children learn new skills and new tasks and also develop new relationships with other children and other adults. At this stage they will also learn how to work together with other children and practice to work in a team and develop important skills together. Meeting new children could also be very stressful for some children as they have difficulty is finding friends because other children’s might not want to be their friends which them a child’s self-esteem and self-concept can be affected if they compare themselves with others.
Birth of Siblings- At this stage this can have a major impact not only of the child but the whole family. This is likely to change the lifestyle of the family. This would make the child happy as they will either have the role of an older brother or a sister which gives them a responsibility to care for and look after. However, they would also fee jealous as the younger sibling g will, be getting more importance in the sense it’s not able to look after him or herself
Moving Home- Moving home can occur in any life stage. This could also be a basis of a fresh start and having time to build a new home and a whole new family. This is also a new star and an opportunity to get a new job and also gain promotions. However, this could also be a stressful star for other people as they don’t like change and want to stay where they are or even get a new job because it’s like starting all over again but just in a new place which some people don’t like.
Adolescence (9-18 years):
Puberty- At this stage is where children are no longer children and develop into a women or a man they body parts (Girls/Boys) start to get bigger and also develop facial hair (Boys). This is also when they have started to think they are big enough to not listen to their parents which is wrong as they still have to but because they are going through puberty they will often get angry as their hormones are changing.
Relationships- This is also a stage where the teenagers start to fall in love with the opposite sex and get in to a relationship and feel loved and happy as it’s something new for them and is exciting for them. However, so some teenager’s relationships make them loose trust in people and just turn their life upside down where they don’t think they are loved by anyone or where someone makes them feel ugly about themselves.
Leaving Home- This is also a very life changing event for the individuals as they go off to universities but some will stay with their families until later in life. This is also where the individual learns to be fully independent and also find a part time job to earn for themselves while studying at the same time. They also learn how to manage day-to-day tasks such as cooking, cleaning, washing and house hold finances, where as some individuals find in hard to this because they might end up in debt and will have a lot of stress about work and other life events such as family, friends etc.
Early Adulthood (19-45 years), Middle Adulthood (46-65 years):
Parenthood- This is a stage where it’s also a life changing for many people especially if they are having their first child with the partner they love so much a lot of excitement would occur but however for some people is totally there opposite as they have lots of difficulties during their pregnancy. Some mothers will also experience post-natal depression in the first year after the birth of their child. This is also a stage where they slowly lose touch with their friends as they get very busy with children and other family events and also they will lose their free time as they will be busy with kids and work.
Employment- This stage is also when you have responsibilities as employees and have to follow policies and procedures of the workplace that you work in. As an employee you will also learn new skills and get higher achievements, this is also an opportunity to meet differently people who also have the same goal as you where you will get along with them. During this stage you could also manage stress as you have been through is a lot of times before and the ability to cope while under pressure as it’s what you’ve also been through in the past.
Marriage- At this stage is when two partners decide to take their relationship to the next level and also experience each other’s life events together no matter what ups and downs they face but will always be by each other’s side. This will also then share finances and also help reduce anxiety as they will have someone to share their feelings with. However on the other side it can also be difficult for some people to adjust to new roles and learn how to accommodate someone else, especially if a couple has not previously cohabited before.
Redundancy- This is when a business, company or a workplace needs to reduce the people at their place as it may be a job role no longer needed for that job. This will then affect the individual and make them feel angry. Shocked, stressed and a loss of confidence. This can also create problems between relationships as they won’t have money to provide for the family as they used to before.