The two businesses I have chosen to research are Jaguar Land Rover and

The two businesses I have chosen to research are Jaguar Land Rover and… Both of my chosen businesses operate in contrasting international markets. Jaguar Land Rover exchange goods throughout Turkey and Russia working in an emerging market, however trading within India and Brazil means they are part of a less developing economy.
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Structure within Jaguar Land Rover:
Jaguar Land Rover is a hugely successful multinational automotive company mainly based within England, and its headquarters based within Coventry with an additional business in India. Jaguar Land Rover have begun to expand globally to improve sale profits within countries such as China, India and the USA. Increasing the wider variety of countries JLR trade to, expands their profit sales and increases their name globally, there’s proof of this as Jaguar Land Rover recently achieved a record year of sales. Sales went through the roof as demand for these newly luxurious cars increased within new countries Jaguar Land Rover had expanded within; China and North America. This makes Jaguar Land Rover part of two different markets; less developed economies and emerging markets. Due to their growing success within different countries, JLR have gained a period growth success and a trading division at the top end of global expansion which supports the development of new projects.
Structure within Innocent Smoothie:
For my second chosen business within this report, I have chosen Innocent Smoothie. Innocent Smoothie are a company who provide ‘tasty’ healthy drinks as a part of a healthy diet. The business started within 1999 after proving a huge success selling smoothies at a music festival. Since then the business have expanded to selling smoothies, juices and flavoured waters within local shops, supermarkets and restaurants. Innocent Smoothie’s headquarter is based within London, due to their products being more popular around this area. However, they have begun to expand their company around the European in many different countries, for example France and Germany. Innocent Smoothie was pronounces the number 1 smoothie brand of the year within 2017, I believe this was due to their expansion throughout Europe as It vastly increased their profit sales. As well as this, Innocent Smoothie only create their smoothie products within the UK, unlike Jaguar Land Rover, the products are then shipped out around the European to their businesses. This is because there are higher employment rates.
Type of business activity within Jaguar Land Rover:
Jaguar Land Rover have multiple multinational worldwide enterprises resulting in them doing many different activities. JLR own and control their production of goods and services in at least two or more countries as well as their own country. Having factories and businesses in a variety of countries