The rise of modern technology has a huge impact on the lives of children these days until they reach teenagers

The rise of modern technology has a huge impact on the lives of children these days until they reach teenagers. If 20 years ago, children spent their time playing outdoor activities, cycling and so on, 21st century children however, are exposed to the use of various technological devices such as televisions, internet, computers, smart phones, and video games. Children spend about eight hours, on average, consuming these technological devices. The findings indicate that the use of modern technology beyond control has negative impacts on the physical and muscular development, interpersonal skills and academic performance. In addition, this study also suggests some guidelines for parents to find the best solution in dealing with the uncontrolled use of technology among their children.
Firstly, according to Rowan (2010), on average, children spend eight hours one day for entertainment technology with 65% of them having in-room television their own sleep, and 50% of the television in the resident’s residence. Added with the use of smartphones, internet surfing and social media has led to the occurrence the transmission of technology influences in the life and social environment of a family. The report on the SC website (Symantec Corporation) dated 7 July 2010 entitled “Reports Norton Online Family 2010” revealed that children in Malaysia are spending time internet browsing on average for 19 hours a week, while parents expect their children surf the internet for 11 hours. In addition, the study found that nine out of ten children in Malaysia have been exposed to negative experiences while surfing the internet.
Secondly, this phenomenon has indirectly led to the development of children until adolescent age has been influenced by its exposure to a technology source exist in life and in the environment. The speed of technology in the 21st century causing children to grow in drowning environments ease of access to information without borders (Miftachul et al., 2017). Children’s time now depends on technology in almost all activities including playing activities them, so traditional game-style activities outdoors like batu seremban, galah panjang, congkak and so forth have been taken over by various modern tech equipment.

Lastly, as the internet is the most influential source of modern technology today in the form of the world’s largest computer network that allows information globally As a result, the issue of pornographic websites is also beyond the reach of the children and teenagers. According to Nor Azah (2010), multimedia elements are presented on the site The pornography web can not only be viewed by children and teenagers but it is also can be easily downloaded and transmitted quickly via email. His study also stated that there are about 80,000 websites that are closely related to pornography produced between 1999 and 2000 as most websites could be accessible for free.

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The speed of technology will continue to evolve as time passes. Technology is things we can not afford to block or restrict their development. Deny technology modern in the lives of children and adolescents means ‘killing’ its development in digital era and globalization. Hence, the support and cooperation of all parties is very much needed to ensure their development in a healthy and safe environment. Besides parents, this role and responsibility is also not exempt from the government as the policymakers, schools, community of a place, surrounding community and a party directly involved in creating and designing technology. All parties must take responsibility the responsibility to ensure that children and adolescents benefit from with the abundance of technology resources that exist in all their living environment. By that Thus, all parties are expected to be able to play their respective roles and provide contribution in the context of child development as well as youth who are assets important and will inherit the future of the country.