The Levant Company The Levant Company was an English chartered company formed in 1592

The Levant Company
The Levant Company was an English chartered company formed in 1592. Its original charter, awarded on 11 September 1581, was good for seven years. It was granted to Sir Edward Osborne, Richard Staper, with the purpose of organizing English trade with the Ottoman Empire and the Levant. The Company stayed in sustained presence until being replaced in 1825. A member of the Company was known as a Turkey Merchant. Its charter was approved by Elizabeth I of England because of the merger between the Venice Company (1583) and the Turkey Company (1581), following the expiration of their regulations, as she was concerned to maintain trade and political alliances with the Ottoman Empire. William Harborne set sail from London, travelling overland Istanbul where he arrived on October 28, 1578. William Harborne was a great diplomatic agent and his visit to Istanbul was successful. Harborne delivered a letter from the Sultan to Elizabeth II that Sultan will open Turkish dominions to trade if Turkish traders can get liberty to trade in England as well. Seven months later Murat III issued a regulation for English traders granting them to buy and sell but then the French ambassador influenced Sultan to abolish the agreement. So Harborne returned to Istanbul again and tried his chance two times but failed. But third time was the charm and he kissed the hands of the Sultan and gave him gifts from Elizabeth had sent to Sultan. I found this charter a great example of how geologically important Istanbul was and how much other countries wanted to trade in Istanbul.