The End Charlie had been hunting for a job for quite some time now

The End
Charlie had been hunting for a job for quite some time now. He finally gets a job appointment letter. His new job description requires that he seeks a new place of residence. He gets a residential place after a little scouting.
Charlie had been given a room at someone’s house. He was thrilled because it sounded less costlier. He liked the place. The owner of the house offered him food as well as anything he would require to make his stay comfortable. He was free to visit every room of the house at anytime he felt like doing so. There was a caveat though: He was barred from visiting the basement room under whichever circumstances. He agreed to this.
During Charlie’s initial stay at the house, the rules appeared simple and easy to abide to. The basement however started piquing Charlie’s interest. At times, he could hear weird sounds emanating from the basement. A kind of supernatural power would sweep through the house. Lights would go on and off, radio signals would be affected, the windows would open and shut violently even though no glass would break and books would be swept from the shelves to the floor.
Charlie became a bit disillusioned because he had never seen the owner of this house walking around. The owner of the house, Charlie noticed, could appear and even disappear. He also had his hands at the back of his head at all times. Another strange thing was that Charlie had never heard his voice. Every time they had a conversation, Charlie would certainly understand everything that the owner of the house avered without him uttering a word. It was as though he had the power to speak directly to his soul. Charlie was curious about whether it was just a trance or he had ever seen the owner of the house. With all the recent happenings, you could go to that basement, right?
With a torch in hand, Charlie walks down the stairs. As he reaches out for the door knob to the basement, he could almost hear a silent voice whisper to him in earnest, “You really don’t want to do this, do you?” There was also a feeling within him that he had been surrounded by an invisible crowd. Maybe his imagination had decided to deceive him. He turns the door knob and nervously walks in. The basement is engulfed in darkness and the silence therein is painstakingly sheer. He notices that there could be movements within the basement yet they were so gentle for an individual to decode. As his eyes start adapting to the darkness within, he sweeps across the room- with all his senses. He makes short measured steps deeper into the room. He comes to realize that this basement was much bigger than he had ever imagined.
As he ventures deeper into the room, he stumbles on something. He is prompted to immediately light his torch. The moment an array of light came out of his torch, the temperatures in the room surged. An apportionment of ambivalent feelings paralyzed his body. Should he command his heart to stop beating or should he increase the rate at which it was supposed to beat? All around him lay human bones and skulls. A closer look around the room makes Charlie to see numerous human bodies hanging on hooks across the roof of the basement dripping with blood. At this time, Charlie notices the terrific stench within the basement. He is perplexed and frightened. He flashes his torch all over the room. It dawns on him that also present in the room are other human beings with extraordinary structures. Each had their eyes fixed on him. He saw one of these strange looking men feed on a human hand as if it were a precious delicacy. This was now what Mwalimu Julius Nyerere would call a man eat man society.
Charlie stood there. His adrenaline did not trigger a fight. He could only hear it laugh at him and make him look weak. The strange looking beings began closing in on Charlie. Methinks they wanted to ensure he is at their center so that they could inadvertently feast on him. It was at this time that Charlie noticed a door opening slightly about one hundred meters from where he was standing. He rushed towards the door and closed it behind him. Phew! He can breathe! Just when he is about to eke a sigh of relief, echoes of laughter ensue. The laughter split deep within Charlie, destabilizing every foundation in him, mocking his pride and even preaching death to his soul. As the breathtaking laughter reverberates across the room, a severe humming can also be heard. It seemed as though, a choir was there to hum dirges of hopelessness.
In a uniform manner, candles go on across the room. Charlie notices a table-like structure. This structure has scary signs and paintings engraved on it. It was as though the signs belonged to a certain cult. Amidst the ongoing bouts of laughter as well as the humming, Charlie takes notice that someone might be invoking spirits using spells. He becomes weak in his knees and consequently falls on the ground. Four men pick him, lay him on the table-like structure and tie his legs and hands. Then the owner of the house appears with a dagger in his hands. He invokes spirits; creating a violent atmosphere. Charlie feels that a force is consuming him up. A force he cannot dare explain.
The owner of the house supplicates a prayer, “This is our offering, Lord.” He then closes Charlie’s eyes with one hand as the other hand lifts up the knife. Charlie starts to breath heavily. Darkness takes toll.