The article “The Lions Club

The article “The Lions Club, International Association” works to showcase what the Lions Club aims to do and how the club came to be. The article begins by stating that the organization was created in 1917 and that it was founded by Melvin Jones. The organization was created in order to support good government and citizenship. It shows an interest in civic, social, commercial, and moral welfare. The Lions Club is not one that has extremely rigorous membership requirements which in turn led them to become the largest service organization to exist. A Lion’s main focus is giving back to the community, and that is just what they do. They do many things including; “improving neighborhoods, environmental and conservation programs, educational and literacy services, aid to the blind and the hearing impaired, disaster relief, support for the victims of pediatric cancer and their families, and hunger relief.” While the Lions Club consists of adults there is a way for the younger community to get a head start. This is through the Leo Club, a branch from the main club, which consist of children aging from 12 to 18. The Lions Club has members in more than 200 countries and continues to grow in members and the amount that they give back. When one is done reading this he will know everything about the Lions Club. By giving all of the above information, the article is able to make an impact on those who might want to join the Lions Club.