Speed: one of the most important advantages of new technology is that it allows information
to be transmitted within a few seconds. For example, e-mails can be sent and replied to after
only a few minutes while by using traditional postage system it could take days. Therefore, in
hotels for example if a customer needed to make a change to their booking or had a complaint
the hotel staff can receive this email from them within seconds and reply and resolve an issue in
a small amount of time.
Access to data: the speed and efficiency the data is processed with the new technology
is making an increasing load of data available for managers and business owners. In the hotel
industry this can analyze the prices, bookings, and sales figures, this can be prepared in
Convenience: these new features help to make everyone’s jobs easier. It eliminates any
mistakes or inconveniences that may occur when using traditional methods communication. In
hotel industry a few examples would be video conferencing would be convenient if hotel
managers from different parts of the world wanted to have a meeting, but all couldn’t be at the
same place at the same time. E-mail is quick and easy to use and only takes seconds to send
and for the receiver to accept and reply.
Low cost: E-communication not only saves time it also saves money. For example, a
traditional letter costs more than a simple SMS text message. The money saved from using Ecommunication
could be used to develop the business in other ways. Another way Ecommunication
is low cost on hotel industry is most of the work can be done by computers for
example bookings can be done now online instead of people ringing up the hotel to speak over
the phone and now most transactions are made in computers so now there is no need for a lot
of workers and this also saves the business money.
Feedback: due to the advancement of electronic communication it allows the instant
exchange of feedback. This is a very affordable way and time saving especially for the busy
hotel industry instead of handing around surveys and hiring someone to distribute these surveys
they can be easily done online, and the results can also come back instantly were if it was
surveys it could take days to gather results