So the big question is

So the big question is, if a gay is denied service from a store owner is it lawfully correct? Well, the answer is yes. When issues like the Colorado baker and the gay couple come up, the first amendment is quickly brought to the table. The first amendment states that citizens have freedom of press, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech. There’s a thin line between the first amendment and discrimination and the baker did not cross it. When he denied service to the gay couple he did not shove them out, spit in their face, or do anything to physically harm them. He denied service because it went against his religious beliefs which the first amendment protects. To some people it may seem unfair but if you think about it this issue is no where near as bad as other cases the first amendment has protected. For example, in 1989 it protected a U.S flag burner from Texas, three cross burners in Virginia in 2003, and homophobic funeral protestors in 2011 (Wolf, 2018).
The First Amendment is a tricky thing to deal with. It restricts several things but then again it doesn’t. When the baker denied the gay couple it could be said that he used hate speech but sadly the first amendment still protects his rights if he did not threaten them (Wolf, 2018). He was smart enough to exercise his rights and kindly deny them service and send them off. When the case was brought to court the couple said that they were humiliated because they were denied service (Liptak, 2018) which is a normal feeling but the baker in no way did anything to pubilicly humiliate them. They actually made it worse by making it a bigger issue, they could of simply just went to another bakers shop and not recommend that bakers shop.
The Colorado law was in no way unconstitutional. They abided by the amendments and ruled in the right favor. I understand that to some people what the baker did wasn’t a nice thing to do but think about it, it’s his religion. He did what he thought was respectfully correct. I’m not saying the couple doesn’t have a right to be upset but being part of they gay community they should know that millions of people around believe it goes against their religious beliefs so when the baker denied them they could’ve gone about it a different way.