Since I was young

Since I was young, Jose Rizal was introduced to me as our National Hero that was shot in Bagumbayan. He is also the reason why December 30 is a holiday because it is the day he died, and I am always reminded about that. I can see him every day in my life since then because i can see him in the one peso coin. There is also a park in Davao that was named after him or the Rizal Park. When I am in my high school days, Rizal works like Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo were our lessons, and I was amazed as these are both great novels. But today, after taking this subject in the first semester, I can say that Jose Rizal is one of a kind man. He is not just a hero; he is also a novelist, a doctor, surveyor, a farmer and many more. Jose Rizal inspired the citizens in the Philippines in many ways. He is a hero that died for our country, the country that he loved. I learned a lot of things after taking this subject. I learned about Jose Rizal’s life and what he contributed to our country. “Pen is mightier than a sword.” While some other heroes use their skill in fighting their enemies, Rizal used what he is good at, and that is writing. He opened the eyes and minds of the Filipinos to the abuse of the Spaniards.
Jose Rizal taught me how to value relationships. May it be from our family, friends, our countrymen, to our loved ones, and especially to God. He values his relationship to God as only God can determine his life, his success. He also values his family that guided him in his journey. He also values our country as he helped our countrymen achieved the justice and oppression from the Spaniards. He only wants the best for the people around him, and he will do his best to help them improve. Rizal also taught me to stand and defend what you know is right. Jose Rizal taught me to love our race. We should be proud from where we came from and we should be proud of whom we are, that we are Filipinos.
With Jose Rizal’s dream to free our country from the Spaniard, he taught me to dream big. We can achieve great things for our own and others if we worked hard and never lose hope no matter how hard it is and no matter what challenges we experience. If we have the courage and trust in ourselves, then we can achieve what we are dreaming.