responsibilities to employees

responsibilities to employees, this is very vital because an erroneous organization structure will ruin and hinder set goals and objectives. The importance of structure in an organization is to maximize efficiency that can enhance quality relationship amid several functions that exist in the organization (Hughes & Wearing,2007). Since the inception of Rapatac till date, Rapatac organizational structure consist of the Chairman (Leader and Boss), Stake holders, Manager, Staff Facilitators, Volunteer staff and cleaner etc. According to Letchfield (2009), Strategic leaders are empowered with the overall vision and coordinate the activities of an organization. However, Mr Musa sees to the overall and smooth running of the organization according to hierarchy and structure, inspiring and motivating dedicated staff who works tirelessly as a team that reports to him through his manager at the activity centre. The hierarchy and structure has contributed enormously to the success and smooth running of Rapatac in different way since formation. The significance of Rapatacs structure can be ascribed to factors such as clarity in authority, delegation of duties, communication pattern, relationships, motivation of creativity, Centre of decision making for the organization, encourage development and growth, and the use of technological advancement(ibid). Hughes & Wearing (2007) opined that managers are equipped with high standard of organizational, they ensure that organization is working according to specified organizational goals. The manager reports the day to day activities at the centre to the overall boss while staff facilitators, volunteers, cleaners report directly to the manager. Thus, the manager in Rapatac is saddled with the responsibility to delegate and assign work to staff, monitor and supervise them to ensure that staff are working in line with the interest of the specified organizational goals, in return, the staff work collaborate with the manager, report issues associated to job specification for help and support. Nevertheless, this structure immensely has contributed to high standard of professionalism in the day to day duties among staff when dealing with clients (Children, Parents, Stake holders etc), improved creativity and innovations (ibid). However, with deep holistic perception, it is apparent that Rapatac operate a simple organizational structure that has improve efficiency, productivity and professionalism among staff because the chain of command comes from the Top (Founder and Boss) making it easy to exercise measures of control as the person who conceptualize the vision of the organization. Likewise, communication between manager and staff is cordial, staff can easily report issues and call for help when necessary to the manager and however has promoted team spirit in the organization and participation, accelerated decision process that would have been too bureaucratic. Thus, it will help staff to carry out their duties effectively as a team with the aim to improve productivity in line with stipulated goals since constructive feedback is given