Many people use glue for bonding different types of things

Many people use glue for bonding different types of things. It is used in homes, schools, offices and other places (The New Times 2018), but glue seems to sticky things to bond things especially the poor people. This experiment can help the thrifty people especially to poor people to save money. They can also save a lot, but if they buy a glue they will spend a lot of money just for glue. This experiment promotes okra’s extract (A. Esculentus) used as glue.
Okra (A. Esculentus) an herbaceous hairy annual plant of the mallow family (Malvaceae). Okra has numerous health benefits, as you can observe okra is sticky. A great many people don’t seem to like it or rather feel it (Ian Sawyer 2012), but it is very useful in sticking objects or materials together. It is beneficial to those who wants to be thrifty in buying materials for them to save money.
It can be used also to school like making an art paper. The sticky part of the okra is the material called mucilage which is basically a mixture of specialized proteins and sugars (Ian Sawyer 2012). This mucilage has a good potential to be an adhesive (University of Sto. Tomas Department of Medical Technology). This mucilage is a thick, glutinous substance released to the natural gums, composed usually of protein polysaccharides. Mucilage swells but does not dissolve in water. Mucilage is secreted by the seeds covers of various plants including flaxes and certain seaweeds; it is the chief constituent of agar (The Colombia Encyclopedia 6th ed.).