Many people have different opinions about homework

Many people have different opinions about homework. In school, almost all teachers give their students homework, and it could even be on a daily basis. In my opinion, homework is necessary. I support this because homework could be a way for students to learn how to be responsible. Homework is to be completed and handed in by a specific time or else they would suffer from punishments by their teachers. So, students will be able to know the need of being responsible to complete their homework. Also, students will learn how to prioritize their work. In one day, there may be a few assignments with different due dates. Students can plan out when they would like to complete each assignment according to the due dates. Therefore, homework could be one way for students to be responsible and learn how to prioritize their tasks. In addition, just by listening to lectures in class, we could not take in everything not understand what the teacher is teaching. A study conducted says that by listening, our mind can only take in about 20% of what we learned. When we do something practically such as homework, we would understand up to 80%. In the end, homework will help promote better understanding for students. Students may understand what was taught in class, but it is likely that by the end of the day, they would forget it. Therefore, homework could help them to remember what was taught. In fact, homework can act as an exercise or practice. An example is in Math class, teachers teach us about the concepts involved in solving mathematical problems. Besides knowing the concepts, students should know the formulas. However, by knowing just the concepts and formula, it wouldn’t help much. Students should be able to use them when solving problems. Students might learn in school, but many problems do not use the same way of solving. So, practice is needed to make sure students actually understand and know how to solve a variety of questions. Plus, for us to be skillful, we need a lot of practice. So instead of seeing homework as an assignment needed to be completed, we should see it as practice. In conclusion, homework is necessary for students and I believe it will be helpful to students, although they might not realize it.