Laury Cedeno Diversity Choosing what to write about for some reason has been a challenge for me

Laury Cedeno

Choosing what to write about for some reason has been a challenge for me. For my topic I chose to write and discuss diversity. Growing up, as a child, I understood that not everyone was the same. That we were all different in one way shape or form. But knowing this to me, been diverse meant either been white, black or hispanic. I never really got explained that been diverse emnt so much more than the color of your skin or the language you spoke. Been a kid never really got me answers. Adults were the only ones that ever got an explanation about anything. So even now I am still learning so much about what diversity means. What is diversity then? Diversity in my words is defined as having a quality that makes you different than someone else. But by definition is, “any attribute relevant to an individual that creates or reinforces a perception that he or she is different from another individual.” Diversity is sometimes what you see, gender, skin color, age, physical abilities. Sometimes it is what we do not see like religion, sexual preference, values and beliefs. Work diversity is about accepting people’s differences, getting past their differences and still been able to complete the job. It’s about understanding that people are different. That we come from all types of walks of life, but still been able to respect and value those differences. Having diversity at work allows for creativity, brings a variety of skills and value to the workplace. Diversity is knowing that we may be different in many ways, but finding those similarities that make us the same. Being diverse has nothing to do with just reaching a goal. Having these differences is beneficial to a company or organization because it leads to increase productivity, helps in establishing superior service, empower our workforce and helps us pursue total quality from start to finish. It also helps us in building and maintaining stronger alliances with customers and suppliers. Doing so helps the company grow as well influences other companies to be more diverse. In today’s society been diverse is so important, yet again it is not. Everyones working so hard to be like someone else. They forget how hard others worked to be accepted by many because of their differences. It is important that the work place is trained in diversity. Managing and valuing diversity are to different things. Valuing diversity is submissive. How important someone’s differences are doesn’t lead a positive nor negative reaction on the individual valuing diversity. As to managing diversity which involves managing and directing the difference in the individuals to bring to the company and environment that will encourage the employees to reach their full potential. Did you know that U.S Census Bureau estimates that by the year 2050 almost half of the world’s population will be multicultural? The Asian and Hispanic population in the United states are expected to double in size or even more between 2000 and 2050. While the Caucasian population will decrease by about 6 percent all in the same time. “The Selig CEnter for Economic Growth at the University of Georgia calculated that by the year 2013 the combined buying power of African Americans, Hispanics, Asians and Native Americans will be over $2.6 trillions, up from nearly $700 billion in 1990. Amazing. Businesses that understand the importance of diversity in the workplace tend to perform better financially as well as culturally. When employees work with others from different backgrounds they tend to learn from one another to produce better productivity in the workplace. Having a diverse workplace will also foster a better work environment. When employees with diverse backgrounds work together it promotes innovation within the organization/ workplace. Innovation will come from the conflicts the workers have when been diverse. When they listen to different ideas coming from different people they will have the ability to combine their different ideas to come up with a new ideas for the company. A company that has a diverse staff is also known to have and equally amount of customers, When you show your customers the importance of being diverse, it attracts more diverse customers, which helps expand your business. But this also means that they also have a higher amount of conflict, having so many different backgrounds, skills and experience leads to many arguments. But they also lead to better resolution. Having many different talents and skills helps in resolving conflicts.

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