Language in communication in general covers every aspects of human life

Language in communication in general covers every aspects of human life. It is closely linked in everything that person does contributing in better understanding relationships. Q1. Explain why particular individuals such as Bridget and other groups
may be vulnerable to abuse/or harm to self and others

Abuse is action of mistreatment /bullies by person to other which lead to disrespect/dishonour of person’s human and civil rights, makes you hurt, upset or frightened. Types of abuse-physical, sexual, psychological, financial, institutional neglect and discriminatory.
According to NHS Foundation Trust” A vulnerable adult is a person aged 18 and over who is /may be unable to take care of him/herself for any reason or unable to protect him/herself against significant harm or exploitation”.
In terms of public awareness, the abuse of vulnerable elderly people become more common recent years.
In our case Bridget is 82 years old widow living in her own house with Mr Y who is family friend. She lived alone for 10 years with no family around her. She felt lonely. There are some risk indicators that abuse is occurring like destruction of physical environment and emotional dependence .When we are pointing destruction of physical environment (B. irrespective of Mr Y presence ,was finding it more difficult to cope and had frequent admissions into hospital due to falls and problems with alcohol).In this situation there is no prove for physical abuse no matter that in August 2006 , his behaviour was noted as volatile and abrupt towards hospital staff and Bridget. This can be classified as neglect cause Mr Y ignored her ability to manage with the situations particularly after she was drinking alcohol (Mr Y has been seen also from the career “pour a large glass of gin”).
Psychological abuse causes negative changes in person’s mind, feelings as this can reflect on people’s behaviour and how they act. This abuse is not always black and white. There is reason behind the action.
Psychological abuse can be identified in Bridget case: -isolation (“Mr Y slowly isolating her from her friends”), withdrawal from services” (he has told Age Concern …will not be requiring their service “).
These signs occurred emotional abuse. Bridget was emotionally depended from Mr Y. She couldn’t make decisions or choices by herself (“as Mr Y would not approve of it”). Here Mr Y violate her individual needs -lack of appropriate opportunity for individual autonomy and choice.
Sexual abuse can’t be identified in this case. Consent is the is the key word for sexual abuse. Career reported that Mr Y “was kissing her all over”. She didn’t say NO, didn’t step back or didn’t show any signs of disagreements of that. There is no proof that there is sexual abuse. Don’t jump to the conclusion, investigate first. In many situations what we observe is not what goes on. We can guess that Mr Y presents in some way is completing her life for the moment.
Financial abuse: There is no clear evidence. “Large withdrawals were discovered…the bank said that on some occasions he was actually with her”,” Bridget was considered to have capacity and solicitor had questioned and spoke to her on her own to determine if this was her will”. In fact, we can’t point financial abuse although there is risk of that because everything has been made with her agreement and good mental health.
In Bridget situation can be seen also more symptoms like absence of proper food, comfort/unable to open front door due to having no access to the key, she was undressed/, isolation which can be defined as neglect. Mr Y paid low attention on her needs /he cannot be with her all the time/. From this point he ignored her and showed no concerns for her safety. He couldn’t supply her with the daily activities also refused the help from the domiciliary care worker.
Impossibility of Bridget to cope her emotional dependence, loneliness, age, isolation make Bridget/and people like her/ target for abuse.
In the event of suspicion or allegation that a vulnerable adult is at risk of abuse, exploitation or neglect must report and to be taken actions /if there is evidence for that/. According to Bridget case monitoring must continue and all the institutions which are involved, to work co-operatively to identify, investigate and prevent further abuse.

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