In the library and information science

In the library and information science (LIS) field, scholars conducted an excellent scholarship on rural libraries. Dr. Bharat Mehra is a person that has used his research as a means to meet the practical needs of rural libraries and librarians. People which is willing to know detail on how academics can do more to help rural small library would be served by delving further into his published research. The book entitle “Small Libraries, Big Impact: How to Better Serve Your Community in the Digital Age” written by Dr. Yunfei Du have a good chapter at the end of library assessment whereby they tell about how librarian can meet the need of their communities. Other than that, it also tell about the measure impact of their libraries. Academics need to take a role as a leader to conduct the research that can influence the rural librarians, funder and allies. They also need to cooperate with rural library practitioners in order to aid them disseminate information that can be used by their peers in other locations, regardless of whether this is through publication or not.
The founder of Center for the Study of Rural Librarianship (CSRL), Dr. Bernard Vavrek continued operation of rural librarianship after his retirement and put much effort to reach out to librarians in less populous areas. Then, he offers a course on rural librarianship.