In the 2006 article “The Movies That Rose from the Grave

In the 2006 article “The Movies That Rose from the Grave,” Max Brooks, explains the epidemic of Zombies in today’s century and the huge effect it in the society. Zombies are being represented in many forms like movies, books, video games, and television shows. Max Brooks, mentions that Zombies have dominated horror for more than few decades. The name Zombie was first created in the country of West Africa. A Zombie was an existing person that was made to react as a corpse, created in 1932. It wasn’t until 1968 George A Romero gave zombies a twist and a new reason to be afraid. These zombies were the result of science. Zombies were only to be destroyed by scientific solution, by demolishing the brain and splitting the head from the body. Computer games were then created, like Resident Evil and House of the Dead. Due to the success these video games had eventually became a movie. There are a lot of people asking why now, why are zombies returning back to life again. Brooks says that it’s not fiction, but current events from the past several years that consumers seek more information, like terrorism, war, viral outbreaks, and other disasters. In today’s world, filmmakers use character such as zombies to escape from the anxiety created from real life threats. They have created Zombies to escape from realities of the world knowing what happens will never happen in actual life. People use mythical events and personalities to skedaddle from real living events and everyday life difficulty , but in reality watching something scary gives them an even greater anxiety for a small period of time. In conclusion, it is uncertain how long the zombie drift will last, they won’t be gone always, but as the years and events continue to pass, zombie shows continue to grow in creativity with modern filmmakers that expand their imagination.