In a country where more than 1

In a country where more than 1.5 million citizens work abroad every year, many students have to live without their parent. Philippine is one of the countries with most numbers of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) across the globe. Many Filipino’s resorted in seeking jobs overseas to sustain the needs of their family, it is said that the (OFWs) are the modern heroes of the Philippines, due to their sacrifices to go and work abroad. It also shows that both parents, the father or the mother work there to produce high income and sustain the needs of their children especially in terms of their education. Due to the fact that many families suffer from financial instability, a considerable number of Filipino parents leave their respective households to work overseas for them to earn a living to sustain their family’s needs and somehow alleviate their monetary problems. In line with this, some students have the absence of either two or both parents and this may actually influence how they perform in an academic setting.
Studies have shown that students performed better academically and had more positive school attitudes if they had parents who were aware, knowledgeable and involved (Anthony & Walshaw, 2007). Research has also shown that successful students have strong academic support from their involved parents (Sheldon, 2009). Parents primarily should be the source of good values, the first teacher, the provider
and the motivator of their children to achieve their goals in life. Their responsibility to their children cannot be paid with any material things. It is not enough that parents
excelled only as good provider and yet they lack of proper guidance and counseling to their children.
The absence of parents in the lives of students could have various effects in their academic performance in school be it positive or negative. Many researchers recognize the important role of a strong positive bond between homes and schools play in the development and education of children (Sanders & Sheldon, 2009). Some may perceive the absence of their parents after going overseas positively and use it as a catalyst for them to persevere in their studies while others may perceive this kinds of matter negatively and see it as an obstacle that would keep them from displaying satisfactory performances in their academics.
Parenting involvement is one factor that has been consistently related to a child’s increased academic performance (Topor, 2010). Parents are important to help guide, teach and lead their children because a child need supports from their loved ones and also discipline to be motivated. It is a parent’s responsibility to take care of their children, it is hard for a student to have no one to guide them especially in their studies because as a student you still need someone to teach you and it is best to learn from your parents.