Importance of being good/ virtuous to live a happy life According to Aristotle

Importance of being good/ virtuous to live a happy life
According to Aristotle, every human being has a goal for happiness. But, what does happiness suggest? It is in his effort to express happiness and to find a way to achieve that Aristotle find the idea of being virtuous. According to the text, virtue is absolutely essential for happiness as virtue brings a type of happiness that other things could never bring. In this paper, I will explain that having virtue gives you a certain happiness which is beyond life or death or worldly values and goods.
A person cannot be virtuous unintentionally. Only because one commits a virtuous act does not make them virtuous. It is just as essential to understand the concept of virtue as the virtuous act itself. A person needs to recognize the nature of virtue which needs reflection of virtue and this reflection is only probable once you grasp your own ignorance about the nature of virtue. It is human wisdom which is the understanding of one’s own ignorance. Therefore, since being happy requires being virtuous and being virtuous requires human wisdom, human wisdom is compulsory for happiness. Thus, when a person initiates to obtain human wisdom they are basically on the path of gaining happiness. Furthermore, there are two types of goods, some have an instrumental value which we pursue in order to obtain other goods such as money. It is a good, but it has no value by itself rather we value the material products that we obtain from money. Other type of goods is intrinsic which we value for themselves such as health by itself. The difference between instrumental and intrinsic goods allow us to begin a hierarchy of goods and to understand the existence of a good which would be the highest one. Additionally, the text explains us that virtue involve standards of conduct and we learn these standards through our parents and teachers growing up at a very young age. Since moral virtue is not something we are born with, becoming a person of good character takes practice. By acting virtuous for a while does not take long until it become a habit and part of your being. One goes from being someone who acts virtuously to someone who simple is virtuous. This means that to be truly happy, we must make the pursuit of virtue a practice that ends only when our life ends. Moreover, the life of virtue is key for human happiness for example when we are kind, generous, wise, and courageous, we experience deep gratification and fulfillment that is not available in any other way.
In this paper, I defended that regardless of our circumstances, without virtue we cannot be happy, and with virtue our lives are happier than they could be otherwise. True happiness is a matter of who we are instead of what happens to us. We must be enthusiastic to attaining this virtuous happy life and it must be developed over time by educating virtuous habits. In order to become such a good person, one needs to be raised well and have enjoyed a good education.