I have made two wellness goals in this semester

I have made two wellness goals in this semester. The goals, I made was gain weight and drinking less cups of coffee. I have made these fitness goals for my better lifestyle. Monitoring my food and exercise will help me to stay on track of my goals. Weighting myself daily will help me check if my wellness plan is working. It will also help me make better healthy choices throughout the days. Social support will also be a big component in my plan. I plan to involve my family and friends that way they can support me with my goals. Once they know what my goals are and what I am planning to do, I am sure they will help me to stay on track and make sure I do the right choices. By setting specific goals for my nutrition and physical activity, I am hoping I can improve my overall wellness. I am so cheerful because I have learned so much. Not just I need to have the capacity to achieve my objectives I have set for myself, however I likewise I also want to be able to educate and share what I have learned with others, that way they are aware of how vital nutrition is and why it is important to eat healthy and maintain a physical activity. Preceding this class, my dietary patterns were not beneficial at all. Recently, I have noticed that my diet has improved tremendously. All through the entire class, I have adapted more in importance of nutrition and the importance of our body. I saw that before this class, I didn’t eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and grains but now I eat healthy things only with the influence of this class. Physical activity is one of the most essential activities for your wellbeing. It controls our weight. It also Diminish the risk of cardiovascular ailment. It also strengthens bones and muscles and improves our immune system.