Homelessness: The Rise of the Fallen
An immigrant from China once said, “America is the greatest country in the world. No other village, state, province, or country can challenge its perfectness. The American government always respond to the needs of the people. America has no imperfections.”
In this ever so wonderful country of America, hundreds, if not thousands, of homeless people wander around the streets of popular cities, such as San Francisco and New York. According to a study done by Addison Pennington, a well-known scientist, about 600,000 people in America are homeless, and the number is continuing to slowly rise every year. With this in mind, Americans are questioning if the government needs to be involved with this situation. As America boasts one of the highest employment rates and best economy, this question continues to linger. However, the solution is quite apparent: homeless people should simply get a job and start making a living: what an easy and straightforward way to lower the percent of homelessness in America. The best part is that the government does not play a role!
Most homeless people spend their days searching through garbage cans or asking people for money on the street. At some point, these homeless people will luck out and save up enough money to buy some respectable clothings, such as a fancy polo shirt with dress pants and Prada shoes. With these clothes, homeless people can make even more money, eventually buying a house. Chris Stupar, an expert with a Ph.D in sociology, states that “one in every three homeless person finds some type of luxury item that goes for at least $450 – $600. That percentage is pretty high, so there should be no excuse for homeless people to not break out of their ‘chains.’ There is absolutely zero reasons for the local, state, or national government to be involved.” Moreover, even if homeless people cannot find something expensive enough to sell, there are plenty of generous and rich people who are willing to donate some portion of their salary to their fellow Americans. In another social experiment that Stupar performed, about one in every fifteen passerby were sicklers who did not give money to the homeless. So, homeless people should have no problems with purchasing “interview clothings.” All in all, the choice of getting a job is completely up to the homeless people; they are given all the necessary tools to become successful.
To become a respectable worker, employees must have good hygiene; nobody wants to work next to people with rancid smell. This problem is rather simple to solve. Many Americans toss out leftover cologne, spray deodorant, toothpaste, and other hygiene products. These are things that homeless people can use to improve their own personal hygiene problems: they are saving money as well as being clean. The next major hygiene problem would be the inability to take a bath. Certified dermatologist Adam Baker states that a dry scalp produces white flakes, also known as dandruff. As homeless people rarely have the opportunity to take bathes, the accumulation of dandruff could make the color of one’s hair have a whitish, grayish tinge. Historian Kane Stone predicts that those homeless people will have a better chance of getting a job because whitish, grayish hair in the Bible represents a sign of wisdom and enlightenment.
In the end, the percent of homeless people living in America can be diminished . Homeless people just need to put in extra effort – whether it be searching through more garbage cans or finding creative ways to beg for money – to break out of their “chains” and get back on their feet. As long as homeless people follow through with this painless and uncomplicated process, the percentage of homelessness should go down tremendously.