Have you ever dreamed of staying in Qatar for your whole life

Have you ever dreamed of staying in Qatar for your whole life? Many people argue about granting permanent residency to expatriates. This decision could be the best for both expatriates and the country. Nevertheless, some people claim that this decision has its shortcomings. However, giving citizenship to permanent residents would benefit both the expatriates as it brings stability to them and the country since qualified people are staying in Qatar for its development.
One significant advantage of granting citizenship to expatriates in Qatar that it would bring stability to them. These people will not be troubled about moving from the country after spending many years in it. For example, people who lived in the country and have properties and holdings in it, will not worry about selling and leaving them some day. Additionally, children who born in the country, and had influenced by its culture, and lived as a crucial member of the country, they would be frustrated if they must leave the country someday since Qatar to them is their motherland. They might have a positive effect on the country’s urbanization as they acknowledge the country better than other foreigners.
Another significant advantage of giving citizenship to permanent residents is keeping qualified people in the country for the country’s privilege. Retaining educated people in the country would have an influential effect on the country’s development in almost all fields. For instance, experienced teachers would improve the education field in the country and help in producing educated students. Moreover, many wealthy expatriates will keep their investments in the country rather than investing in other countries, and this will profit the country. Besides, engineers would help in the country’s urbanization because they would be living in Qatar a period that would make them familiar with its geology.
Some people claim that giving citizenship to permanent residents is an inadequate decision for the country and its people. They argue that the decision would make the country overpopulated with expatriates. However, the current rating of Qatar’s population is almost two million involving expatriates, which signifies they are not many people even with expatriates. Furthermore, without the competencies from expatriates, they would not approach this level of development and urbanization as most of the proficient teachers and doctors are expatriates, and countless wealthy expatriates would invest in other countries rather than in Qatar because they would not be staying in it permanently. This would limit the financial status and the honourable reputation of the country.
In conclusion, giving Qatari citizenship to permanent residents may be a brilliant decision, which will afford stability to the expatriates and keep qualified people in Qatar for its benefit. Some people claim that granting permanent residency to foreigners would make the country more crowded with expatriates. Despite that Qatar’s people are almost ten million of the population including the expatriates, which means that they are not many even with the expatriates. Moreover, without the competencies from expatriates, Qatar’s development and urbanization would not reach this level by now, as they are accommodating the country in many crucial fields like health and education. This decision may profit both sides the country and the expatriates.