Devils Marbles

Devils Marbles:
The Devils Marbles located 390km North from Alice Springs in the Northern Territory and 100km South of Tennant Creek. Devils Marbles are a degraded landform, it is degrading by erosion which is the wearing a way of rock and soil by natural elements like wind, rain, very hot temperatures and very cool night time weather. The view of the Devils Marbles are large reddish coloured boulders placed on a small plateau. The formation of the Devils Marbles is made of granite and the small island the boulders are located are made of a large amount of sandstone.
Devils Marbles was said to be created 1,500 million years ago by molten rock forming a dome under the earth, and as the lava cooled and hardened forming granite rock shrinking the cracks into big square block that eventually eroded into the marbles that they are considered as today. The boulders are massive standing at 4-7 meters high and 13-33 meters wide.
Interesting facts
1- Devils Marbles is known as Karlu Karlu to the traditional Aboriginal owners
2- Karlu Karlu belongs to the Alyawarre people but is used as a spiritual connection by the Kayteye, Warumunga and Warlpiri people
3- The reserve covers over 1,800 hectares (just under 4,500 acres) across a wide shallow valley
4- You can camp on the Devils Marbles reserves for $3.30 per person
5- Granite is usually a grey colour but because of the exposure to the atmosphere with water change caused the rock to rust
6- For these local Aboriginal people, the Devils Marbles are an important meeting place and rich in dreaming sites
7- There are many dreamtime stories about the Devils Marbles
8- The area was originally named Devils Marbles Reserve in October 1961
9- Wauchope is the closest town to the Devils Marbles
10- One of the boulders was removed from the reserve in 1952 and taken to Alice Springs
The Devils Marbles is not in any effect of humans as it is protected by the Northern Territory Aboriginal Sacred Sites Act in The Karlu Karlu / Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve. The devils marbles is home to many animal species like dingo, Male Painted Finch, Weebill and diamond dove.
Wolfe Creek Crater:
Wolfe Creek Crater was formed by a giant meteorite that crashed into earth 300,000 years ago, the meteorite weighing 50,000 tonnes crashed into the earth creating the second largest crater in the world, the crater measures 880 metres across, Wolfe Creek Crater is a deep crater inhabited by trees and short shrubs and grass in its shallows. The crater is located 1,854 kilometres northeast of Perth Western Australia in the Wolfe Creek Crater National Park.
Interesting facts
1- The crater was only discovered in 1947
2- It is 2,890 feet in (distance or line from one edge of something, through its centre, to the other edge)
3- The crater contain large trees
4- It is carefully thought about/believed the second largest crater in the world
5- Wolfe Creek Crater is over 300,000 years old -The meteorite weighted 50,000 tonnes
6- It is almost circular
7- Djaru (people that have existed from the beginning)
8- people had known of the crater for thousands of years
9- Old stories/famous people say that two snakes form Wolfe creek crater and Sturt Creek
10- Many Australians visit Wolfe Creek Carter a day
Wolfe Creek Crater has very minimal damage done by humans as the transportation from Adelaide to Wolfe Creek is a 30hr drive making it more difficult for the machinery to be taken out to the desert, the Wolfe Creek Crater is also protected by National Park meaning it is always supervised and protected, the crater is also home to many animals that suit the environmental habitat the crater provides such as lizards, snakes and birds

Australian Desert Landforms Research Report- Comparison
The Devil is a significant landform to the Alyawarre people. It’s the meeting place of four different language groups: Alyawarre, Kayteye, Warumunga and Warlpiri people, all these groups having religious connections and responsibility of this area, it is a place of many dreamtime stories like Devils man and more. The landforms have an importance to the Australian Native people as Wolfe Creek Crater has a special story about the crater’s round shape being formed by the passage of a rainbow snake out of the earth and there is also a story told by the native people about two stars becoming very close to each other the one became so hot that it feel towards the ground causing an explosion which was named “Kandimalal” and a big part of their religion.
Wolfe Creek Cater and Devils Marbles are landforms that are both protected by National park reserves, they both have a spiritual relationship with the indigenous people, the Devils Marbles was a landform created by lava and eventually eroded to the marble shape it is today, but Wolfe Creek Crater was created by a meteorite. These two landforms are on the opposite sides of Australia.

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